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The teaching of the Master of the Trans-Himalayan Esoteric School, Djwhal Khul. The continuation of books of HP Blavatsky and AA Bailey. Synthesis of Science and Religion


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Translation from Russian by Tatiana Danina

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We wish you enthralling reading!

“I do not invent hypotheses”
Isaac Newton

“Memento mori”
the famous phrase

“When we say that we live on the planet, this expresses our delusions of grandeur. Earth allegedly belongs to us, it is ours, we are its owners. But this is nonsense. Our world is a thin layer around the globe, height about seven kilometers, deep, where the sea, five - in general, the twelve kilometer layer.”
F. Boshke, "Unknown"

“And death shall have no dominion”
Dylan Thomas, Welsh poet

“... it is the customary fate of new truths to begin as heresies and to end as superstitions”
Thomas Henry Huxley





In our lifetimes there is probably nothing more mysterious, enchanting, enticing and frightening at the same time rather than a contact with something supernatural. The Higher Mind, other worlds, mysterious places, keeping the secrets, and strange beings endowed with abilities that are unavailable to the common man. All this and much more, unknown has always been the subject to scrutiny by the people.
It's like a door entailing somewhere into the unknown, which allows to look beyond the daily routine, expanding the horizons of our imagination. This is the only area that best informs us about the issues of death, and what will be after it. And, of course, people can’t pass up the opportunity to look into the door, and even pass through it.
The Himalayan Mahatmas swung open before humanity one of these doors. They are superhuman, white mages, mentors and teachers. The word "Mahatma" is translated from Sanskrit as a "Great Soul." The Ascended Masters, they have gone on the path of evolution far from us. However, they chose to remain to guide and coordinate the formation and development of people. This is the greatest difficulty for them and the boon for us.
The Masters of the Trans-Himalayan Esoteric School take disciples into their spiritual ashrams from around the globe. A contact carried out not in person, but on the subtle plans, in the mind. In the course of such intangible teaching people are taught to all kinds of spiritual practices that lead to enlightenment and the attainment of true knowledge about the world. The best-known teachers of this school are Kuthumi, Moria and Djwhal Khul.
From the middle of the 19th century Mahatmas additionally committed themselves to telepathically transmit through the intermediaries (who was chosen from among the disciples) the texts of works, connecting science and religion. Helena Blavatsky was the first messenger-telepath. Such monumental books like “Isis Unveiled” and “Secret Doctrine” were born thanks to her cooperation with the Himalayan adepts.
In the 20th century Alice Anne Bailey continued her work. She was the owner of great syllable and style. During her contact with Djwhal Khul, she wrote more than 20 books containing valuable information about the basics of our Being, the psychology of people and the techniques of meditation. In particular, the series of works entitled "A Treatise on the Seven Rays" is simply unique in its importance.
In the books of Alice Bailey there is the prediction that it's not the latest series of works, and in the beginning of the 21st century, it will continue. These books will be also devoted to the theme of synthesis of science and esotericism. But their central focus of attention will be directed precisely on the scientific issues and problems and their decision.
And I am lucky to present to you this series of works entitled "The Teaching of Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Natural Science" (because here dealt mainly natural science issues).
Let you not be afraid of the word "discipline", that reminding rote learning and exams. We tried to use a simple and clear language, but without neglecting the laws of logic. Our aim is to reveal the deeper meaning of the known scientific laws and concepts of the natural processes and phenomena, using information gleaned from Ageless Wisdom.
Bring to your attention the series of books created during the tense telepathic contact with one of the Ascended Masters (as they are often called) of the Trans-Himalayan Esoteric School - Djwhal Khul.
The purpose of this series of treatises is to combine science and occult. To explain natural processes and phenomena, to try using the basic occult terms and concepts. To solve the problems over which scientists break their heads. Also we want to take a look at the esotericism from the scientific point of view.
A lot of what is said in this book by the different scientists at the different times has already been put forward in the form of bold hypotheses. So from it, we'll start. However, throughout the text we will inweave an esoteric terminology, seeking to put an equal sign between occultism and science.
In this series of books we tell separately about every field of science. Although it was not easy. At the core of each of them there are the same fundamental laws of Nature. Therefore, as we try, the usual separation of Sciences you will not find here. A narrow specialization is useful for the perception of the studied material. However, the aim of this book - a synthesis, so there are often times you will find the absolute "mix" of sciences.
Before we begin to make any changes in physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, we bow to the truly titanic work of the scientists of all time, who have erected along their shoulders the colossal and terrific science building.
Science pervades all areas of everyday life, facilitating our existence. In no event we are going to destroy the foundation of scientific knowledge, particularly touching the question of its practical experience. We just try to look at the known natural processes and phenomena under somewhat different from the esoteric point of view.
The humanity does not still possess a unified world outlook which would unite all people. But it is necessary to create such - for the sake of the future of ourselves.
People die everyday. Healthy person is or sick, but death is inevitable for everyone. And we want to ask ourselves and you: do we not all are tired of the endless, maddening series of losses of the loved ones and friends and of our own expectation of death?
Maybe is it time to change something? Maybe is possible for us another existence?
We want people who read these lines, shared with us this knowledge and supplemented it with their own. For humanity, in whole, process of true revelation has not started yet. Transforming from human to superhuman state, we "will stand under a waterfall" of information of absolutely new level, which by avalanche going to fall on us. We should not be afraid of it, but before that must prepare our bodies, these "new furs" for the "new wine." Next, we are waiting for the endless wonders.
We believe in the happy ending of our existence. If all goes bad, then it's not a final yet. And the "final" is not "end" in the usual sense of this word. It is a transition to another state of Existence.


As the first quote of epigraph to this book, we took Isaac Newton's famous words - "I do not invent hypotheses". Although, admittedly, it was not always possible to follow his "advice" - science is impossible without hypotheses and assumptions. It’s especially in the process of forming a new theory. However, all hypotheses must be as close to reality and based on experience and logic. We assume that by "hypotheses", which Newton did not recognize, he understood any fantastic assumptions, detached from reality.
It is the first, why do we have quoted Newton. And the second - is tribute of gratitude to his genius. Its merit is, first of all, in the accuracy of many his discoveries and assumptions. This refers to the nature of light, the Law of Gravity, the Law of Inertia, the nature of the Space and Time.
In modern physics only a separate niche is given to classical mechanics. While the tenets of the relativity theory and quantum mechanics are considered as more universal.
In what follows we will focus on the assumptions of both mechanics and you’ll see how far-sighted Newton was. And that classical mechanic is early to write off. Should rather revive it, update, and use its laws not only in relation to bodies, but also to the chemical elements and elementary particles.
As for the second quote used as an epigraph, it is also taken not by accident. Memento Mori (lat. "Remember that you die") - Latin phrase which became a catch phrase. In ancient Rome this phrase was pronounced during the triumphal march of the Roman military leaders, who were returning with a victory. Behind the back of military commander put the slave who was required to periodically remind  triumphant, that in spite of his fame, he is mortal (see "Wikipedia").
If you remember about death, it will help you to acquire the correct attitude to life. Awareness of the fact that everything in this world not lasts forever, including you yourself, enable with you, first, to appreciate more every moment of life, and secondly, less tied to everything that you can have in life.
The third quote speaks for itself. This is appealing to people not to consider themselves as the crown of evolutionary creation and not to see themselves as owners of the planet.
As for the beautiful poem of Dylan Thomas, it can be regarded as a symbol of the age-old dream of mankind – the life without death.
The concluding statement - the words of Thomas Henry Huxley - tells us that, on the one hand, human thinking has inherently certain inertia and people can react to new knowledge belatedly. On the other hand, human knowledge is in the process of constant renewal, and can become obsolete and discarded.


A primary purpose of this series of books is to scientifically interpret the phenomenal achievement of Jesus Christ and other Ascended Masters. A minor, but also very important task is to bring together the knowledge about the universe structure, accumulated by human science, with the esoteric information that is anciently contained in religious scriptures and treatises, and is known as the Timeless Wisdom.
At the same time we set to ourselves another goal - to strip the soil those implausible scientific fantasies and hypothesis, divorced from reality, which are present in the scientific literature.
Another purpose – is to remove forever from the minds of people the fear associated with the incorrect interpretation of biblical prophecies. Generally, the less of all kinds of fear oppress the human, then he is freer and happier.
The series is divided into a number of works, each of which is dedicated to a specific area of science. Most of data and facts will be associated with physics. This is not surprising. It must be admitted - physics is a basis for all other sciences. Information of scientific outlook on the Bible and the faith of Jesus, Buddha and other Ascended Masters is the most important for humanity.


A desire to help people relax, do not worry about the huge number of household challenges that we all face every day – this all with a large extent stimulated the process of creating of this book. Not suffer of the everyday little things - what could be better!
In each event we should see the laws of nature - the laws of physics, chemistry, astronomy and biology - and in case of any failures (or rather, what is considered to be failures) "shift the blame" on these laws, and do not reproach ourselves.
When you realize a huge, immense, all-encompassing sweep of happening - you cease to suffer from any kind of missteps or because of what appears to be a misstep for others.
You begin to appreciate those times when you managed to do everything right. After all, all of us living on the planet, every moment has to fight with a lot of the Universal Laws, which has been steadily and making no exceptions, determine all our existence (for example, we have to fight with the influence of the gravity field of the planet).
Imagine that you dropped the cup. It fell to the floor and shattered into pieces.
Then there is our usual reaction: "Oh, what a pity! It was such a beautiful thing! What have I done! ".
How often we react so, especially when the cup was really loved.
But it would be good to see yourself a little bit from the side - a creature of small size on the huge planet hurtling in the open spaces of the boundless universe a "victim" of unforgiving laws of nature.
It helps to recognize in happened a whole series of mechanical phenomena.
And a whole number of questions line up in the head: 1) What happened in the time of impact of hand with a cup on the edge of the table (or it slipped from hands, because they or a cup was wet)?
2) Why the cup wasn’t left standing on the table, and began to move after impact, and then dropped, when the table surface is over?
3) Why has a cup fallen when the table surface is over and not hovering, for example, in the air?
4) Why has a cup smashed when it faced with a hard floor surface?
5) Why the parts into which it smashed, do not fall right there in the place of collision with the floor, and dispersed all over the kitchen (room)?
And so on. The number of questions you can ask yourself, analyzing every minute event in your life can be overwhelming.
In addition, you can pay attention to the chemical composition of the cup, the chemical composition of the air through which the cup was falling, the chemical content of the table on which it stood, the chemical elements of the hand that shot it down, chemistry of the floor on which it fell, etc.
And all of this will give you more information about what happened and will establish any regularities.
You can think about the state of own organism, and analyze the reasons for which you have shot down (has been dropped) the cup. Maybe you were in a hurry to somewhere or have been too scattered and immersed in your own thoughts and maybe you were angry or offended by something, or maybe just tired. Or you were filled with joy, and you were not up to the cup.
The conclusions will help you to figure out at least roughly, what happens to your body and how it responds to what is happening to you in life in general.
How much interesting and useful information we can extract from a simple falling of the cup on the floor instead banal: "Oh, what I'm awkward!"
Perhaps after that the process of falling cups on the floor will be so interesting for you that you will buy a dozen at a bargain price, and will see what will become when you will drop them from wet hands, just drop, throw, throw on the wall, throw from the balcony ... And enthusiastically watch what happens with cups, with you and with others (especially with them)...
That's why we're writing this book - in order that it will be interesting for you to drop the cups.
And also in order to you have not felt guilty when you drop something, smash, when you spoil the things. When any processes that you planned do not working out.
We want you dissect the surrounding reality, reveal the lowdown of traditions and analyze the rituals - what lies behind them, and whether you should follow them blindly.
We want people to not live automatically, without thinking about what they do, how do, why they do what they do, and also about what happens around them... Life without analysis is the road to prejudice.
Although it is recognized that the habits, traditions make life much easier, they allow you to go with the flow, help to relax and unwind.
If something is going wrong, as it should be, or as prescribed, do not blame yourself and analyze what is happening. And if others will look at you askance and with disapproval, do not be shy and try to understand why they behave this way. Likely that most of them are still in the thrall of thinking, not inclined to analysis. In other words, in front of you there are the people far from science. Do not judge them for it strictly and take this fact for granted. Maybe many of them yet in the future will embark on the path of the researcher and the experimenter.


Make your mind abstract. Wonder! Be surprised the very fact of your existence. Take a look around as an absolutely, totally asexual creature or rather, as a creature equally combines the features of both sexes.
Perceive life as a unique opportunity to participate in the process of creation bodies of the perfect beings, for which a vastness of the universe will be accessible, without using of space vehicles.
Search for the meaning of life, as well as the adoption of ne or another religion (not necessarily one of the cores) - is an explanation of what is happening with you and around you. The person discovers the true meaning of birth and death of self, others and all living things.
The process of awareness the surrounding reality always starts with a question: “What am I? And what is this world where I am?” The thoughts that come to you after that in the head - this is the answer to your question. Perhaps it will be not thoughts, but only sensations. For example, it’s the feeling of acute awareness of the moment of being. The whole process of awareness is very similar to the operation of awakening. You look at your body, at the things around you, at the sun, at the sky, at people, and are amazed - “God, what is all this and why is this all here?“. And while you "are awakened", all of these questions are continuously present in your mind. If they disappear, then you "are fallen asleep" again.
To humanity is absolutely necessary to look at itself well from the outside. Recall the past, see into the future and appreciate the present. After that we will finally understand the meaning of our existence and the existence of this world at all.
There is a constant clatter of heels on the pavement. There are children hubbub and noise of passing cars. Echo draws the geometric lines between the houses. Green lawns and playground, bathed in natural light. On the ground there is clearly visible every speck of dust, every stick and small insect. Literally every part of the air is permeated with light. Sunbeams from metallic coatings and window panes jump from trees along the sidewalk, and from there into the street and back, indiscriminately crawl into the eyes of curious children and respectable adults. This is or world.


Humanity can be compared with the patient recovering from a prolonged, severe illness. It relies on crutches and, thanks to them, can walk. "A serious illness" in this case is the origin of the man, the roots that originate from the early stages of evolution of life on the Earth. Like any mineral, plant or animal, the human is chained to the planet and adapted to this existence. All biochemical and physiological reactions of the human body are due information stored in all elementary particles of the body. And this information is accumulated by all three kingdoms of nature that preceded the human. "Bones" - are the techno sphere of all mankind, all household, inventions and tools that support and facilitate an existence.
The mankind «recover» finally and discard "crutches", only when will move to a new level of evolution - in the state of superhumanity.


The cause of all ills and sins of mankind lies in the metabolism of the human organism. The human body – is a legacy of the animal kingdom. We people have constantly to collect the plants and kill animals for subsistence, because we are not able to synthesize macromolecular complexes from carbon dioxide and water, as the plants do.
In the today's world money is a symbol of food. The availability of money is equated to the presence of food. This means that this person will live. Lack of money means no food that symbolizes death. Money - this is the scoring system, by which people evaluate each other's work.
People, who are not involved in farming or herding, separated from the natural food sources. Mostly, they are the townspeople. For them money is the central motivation of their lives, as it is - the main condition of their survival. Following the instinct of self-preservation, these people seek to get (earn) as much money. Otherwise - death or hungry, miserable existence. Some do not neglect such methods "of earnings" as robbery and theft. Often they are accompanied by murders. The pursuit of money is harassing, but vital. People want to survive and to live with comfort, without feeling anxiety about food and shelter for tomorrow day. People plan their lives, as opposed to animals, very carefully. In addition people have the beginnings of altruistic behavior - a care of their own kind (although all in varying degrees). Hence it is such a complex socioeconomic structure of human society.
Rural residents are not so dependent on money as townspeople. Money, as opposed to agricultural products, is multifunctional. It can be exchanged for any "benefits of civilization", while make this with the fruits of plants and animal carcasses is more difficult. Typically, in areas where the plants are grown and animals are bred, people have an excess of these products. Therefore, an exchanging between each other just does not happen - there is no one to sell.
At the same time these people need in the products of artisans who live in urban centers. And the townspeople themselves in dire need of agricultural products and almost do not need in the goods of the same artisans.
As a result, money has become the greatest boon, allowing each worker to acquire what he needs at the moment. Therefore, it must be admitted that the money gives everyone freedom.
The spectrum of human needs is gradually increasing due to the appearance of "spiritual needs" in a variety of forms. This means that people are starting to be more actively interested in the meaning of their own existence.
As a result, the creative professions are becoming more and more popular in society - films, TV, theater, dance art, music, literature, science, art, and industry of computer programming, sports shows, and more. We can’t list all. Such modern phenomenon as "show business" sometimes combines all areas of creative thought.
The life of mankind is based on the possession, use, purchase and sale of various types of chemical compounds (resources) and products of them (goods).
"The problem of money," is eternal. Just as the crimes of people for money are eternal. This means that all of this will exist as long as humanity will remain the crown of nature. As soon as in the depths of mankind the superhumanity will blossom, the money problem will gradually recede. And then disappear completely when the number of superhuman will large enough.
People will never solve all their problems – will not defeat hunger, disease, will not resolve the fuel crisis, will not get rid of the death. But all this will on forces to representatives of coming over mankind, the fifth superhuman kingdom in nature.
Although they will not habitually solve all human problems. Rather, they will not solve them at all. All these problems simply disappear by themselves. Hunger, disease, lack of fuel and energy, and death - from it all superhuman will be spared, because the metabolism of their organisms will be quite different. The Earth will cease to be their only habitat place.


A growing number of scientists begin to consider with attention to the concept of existence of human "I" after death. However, the fact of life after death is not scientifically confirmed. What does it mean "not scientifically confirmed"?
This means that any person with photo or video camera (or any other instrument fixing light or electromagnetic waves) do not dead, and then returned - that is, came to life and showed everybody what he (she) saw. Science is serious about only to such evidence.
Such experiments would never be enforced. Death is a separation of bodies consisting of elementary particles of different plans, integrated during life into a single whole - in the body. That is, life itself - is a rationing of unity of the particles of different quality.
If we accept that human "I" is the body of very low density, then an instrument that registers events must be the same, rarefied body. Perhaps the human "I" guiding  the human organism during the life and separated from the physical body after death - this is the most accurate, reliable device, storing in memory all that happens to us, whether we are alive (connected with the dense body) or "in other world" (separated from the physical body).
The problem is that human "I" is not able to transfer to other human "I" memories of the post-mortem existence by technical means. Because devices are the dense bodies deprived of elementary particles of Astral, Mental, Buddhic or even higher plans.   And science can’t create a transducer of signals of these Planes into signals of the Physical Plane. It should be noted that a similar natural transformer - is the human body.
Therefore, in order to make sure in reality of life after death, people need to improve not a technology, but their own bodies.


Animals and people tend to live with the "looking back" - that is they constantly look around for fear of attacks by predators or competitors. In people such behavior manifests itself in a much lesser extent compared with the animals. This is due to a more reasonable organization of the human community and more powerful development of altruistic features of behavior. To live "looking back" means to not have a stable metabolic state. The body then calms down, then switches to mode "fight or running away".
The purpose of the spiritual practice – is the developing of the ability to go away from the animal and human behavior, and look at the events indifferently, from a position of "observer" without fear of others. This means that the person seeks to maintain itself in a peppy, but not of overexcited state, when both divisions of the ANS - the sympathetic and parasympathetic - are in a state of balance. He appreciates every day of life.
In behavior this is reflected the form of unwillingness to follow the "lower" (earlier) programs of behavior. As a result there appears reluctance to fight with others, "earn their daily bread". You just want to look at everything, but not to participate, blindly imitating the crowd. There appears an ability to move away from conflicts. The human as if initially sees the ultimate goal of existence of this world.


All human dreams could be summed as follows: "Without disease and old age LIVE FOREVER and be able to freely and instantly travel to any point in the universe - that is, BE ABLE TO FLY ".


The chief virtue of mankind is that people well enough studied all the substances in the crust. They have mastered every possible combination of these substances with each other - mechanical or chemical, or combinations of both. People mix, combine, merge and group the substances, and the individual elements, creating new ones and new combinations of materials (mechanisms).


I want to express my deep gratitude to my parents - Lyudmila Michailovna Novikova (mom) and Anatoliy Maksimovich (dad) for their love and support now and all my life. Also I express the great love and appreciation to my son Daniel for what he is.
And here is my thanks to other relatives, friends and acquaintances. In particular, to Natalia Snezhinskaya, Nadezhda Bortnikova, Elena Shumilova, Vera Ivanovna Kolopatina, Olga Andreevna Portnova, Igor Kuleshov.

And now we ask you to take their seats and feel yourself comfortable during our traveling to new knowledge. Enjoy your journey!

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