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In the book of Alice Bailey "Esoteric Astrology" Djwhal Khul passes through her the following information.
He talks about Aspirings to the Initiation, Disciples, Initiates, World Servants of humanity and its Saviors.
Who are they, and what do we mean?
Here again we need to refer to the teaching of the chakras.
Disclosure in the human body (or any other creature) of the power centers of the upper levels leads him on the path of initiation, from an Aspiring to the status of World Server, and then to the World Savior.
In the book of Alice Bailey the Solar Signs Scorpio and Aries correspond to the status of Aspiring to initiation.
The Disciple is a sign of Sagittarius.
The Initiate – is Capricorn.
The World Servant – is Aquarius.
And finally, the World Savior - is Pisces.
What are the principles for this classification?
It’s depending on the level of stimulation and development of the chakras related to the higher plans.
Than in greater extent upper energy centers are uncovered, the further the human has gone along the path of Initiation in the direction of the Savior of the World.
The purpose of any living creature – is to maximally develop all chakras of plans and levels.
But as the centers of the human associated with the physical, astral and mental (its lower levels) Plans already made ​​significant evolutionary progress, when he was in a state mineral, plant and animal, its main task - is to use the chakras of the Buddhic Plan.
These centers – are Ajna (corresponding pituitary), head (zone of epiphysis) and Alta (in the medulla oblongata).
For this purpose, a birth in a number of zodiacal constellations is ideal.
Using the astrological influence with the so-called "genetic", i.e. with the karma of past lives, a person can achieve great heights in the progress towards the development of the higher chakras – i.e. on the path of Aspirants, Disciples, Initiates, World Servants and Saviors.
This is an experience of "mountain peaks".
But why the signs mentioned above correspond to the "working positions" in a hierarchical work? Why are Aries and Scorpio – the Aspirants, Sagittarius – the Disciple, Capricorn – the Initiate, Aquarius – the World Servant and Pisces – the World Savior?
The explanation is following.
But above all, it should be recalled that in the book of Alice Bailey "Esoteric Astrology" at enumerating of the signs the changes that have taken place in the firmament are not taken into account.
If we talk about the old astrological scheme, which was used on the early days of astrology, then yes, it is true, all is as it is indicated in Esoteric Astrology. However, due to the displacement of signs regarding the calendar, as well as of the projection of the Nucleus of Galaxy, everything is changed.
But before we start to name the new Sins corresponding Aspirants, Disciples and so on, let's analyze the old scheme, and try to understand why it looks that way.
Among the three giant celestial bodies, affecting by their radiation on our planet, the Central Body has the highest level of spirituality. It stimulates in the greatest extent the higher chakras, compared with the other two "Nuclei", as well as our Sun.
We will list the signs by the scheme:
Scorpio (Aspirant), Sagittarius (Disciple), Capricorn (Initiate), Aquarius (World Servant), Pisces (World Savior).
This is the Solar Signs. And opposite constellations indicating the position of the planet on the orbit are:
Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo.
Now you are aware of the fact that Virgo, Leo, Cancer and Gemini – are the constellations, just pointing to the projection on the central Body, i.e. on a source of spiritual radiation. Moreover, from Gemini to Virgo the intensity of radiation increases.
If we talk about the Solar Signs, these are Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces – it is in this order the concentration of the particles of higher Plans, affecting the planet at this time of year, increase. Hence the corresponding names.
Sagittarius - only starts the learning of higher mysteries – it is the Disciple.
Capricorn – school graduate, the Initiate.
Aquarius - is a servant, worker. The World Servant.
Pisces - is a professional. It is immersed in the process of ascension of humanity. The World Savior.
The "echoes" of this influence is coming to Taurus from the central Body (the Solar Sign - Scorpio). But it’s not enough. Therefore, Scorpio just begins to feel the desire to everything otherworldly, unearthly. It is the Aspirant.
However, we should not assume that every Sagittarius - is Aspirant, every Sagittarius - is Disciple, Capricorn - is necessarily Initiate, etc. Not at all.
And the reverse situation is also true. Not every Savior - is Pisces, and not every Servant – is certainly born under the sign of Aquarius. The same can be said of Aspirants, Disciples and Initiates. They may be on any signs. Although it is recognized, that the general rule is as follows. And the percentage of Saviors yet is the largest among Pisces, and of Servers – among Aquarius. And so on.
As you can see, the changes in the sky led to the changes in the general scheme.
Earlier Scorpio (Aspirant) matched to the end of October and also to the two ten-day periods of November. Now Scorpio – this is time from mid-November to mid-December. I.e. those who were previously on the esoteric tradition attributed to the Disciples now are Aspirants.
Sagittarius (Disciple) fell at the end of November and two ten-day periods of December. Now it is replaced Capricorn. So, from mid-December to mid-January now not Capricorns are born but Sagittarians, classified as Disciples, not Initiates as it was earlier.
Capricorn (Initiate) matched before the end of December and two ten-day periods of January. And now it is from mid-January to mid-February - that is, just as Aquarians were born.
Aquarius (Servant) - as usual - it's the end of January and two decades of February. Now, under the new scheme, it is the former Pisces. From mid-February to mid-March.
Finally, Pisces (Savior). Nice to meet you - now they are Aries - mid-March - mid-April.
As you can see, everything is pretty much shifted.
Moreover, we should remember that the Central Body emits equally in all directions. This means that it does not have additional radiation and main. It just main - and it is in both sides of the constellation Virgo. And so to the categories listed above, we should include another group of constellations.
There are also Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius. And if we will turn and name the Solar signs, they will be Aries, Taurus and Gemini. Plus additionally we must take into account Capricorn (Cancer), because the “echo” of the radiation reaches and this sign - as in the case with Taurus (Scorpio).
So it turns out, that another sign – Aspiring to mysteries - it's Cancer, former Lion. More precisely, now, it's all those who are born from mid-July to mid-August.
The Disciple - is Gemini mid-June – mid-July.
The Initiate – is Taurus mid-May – mid-June.
Another World Servant – is Aries - from mid-April to mid-May.
As you can see, Virgo- Pisces - mid-March - mid-April - is in the middle between the two groups. If you remember - it was projected on the Central Body. More precisely, Virgo is located in the same piece of the sky.
However, between categories of the first group of signs - Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and of this group - Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries - there's a little difference.
On the signs of the second group - Cancer, Gemini, Taurus and Aries – even one giant celestial body influences - the Nucleus of the Galaxy. And its influence is most the short-wave, the most material. It promotes the development of the lower chakras - the base of the spine and sacral. I.e. stimulates the basic instincts of survival and reproduction. I.e. the second group is a very interesting combination of higher spirituality and of most primitive motivation. This leads to very original and dramatic results - a powerful body and the development of higher will. These people are capable of extreme manifestations. For example, they can drink in the company of coarse hard workers, and at the same time to philosophize about the higher values. They may daily risk by their lives, and thus to see in this the true meaning of life. To work hard, and thus to empower their work and every day by the mystical significance.
But the signs of the first group – is a kind of sectarians. In the sense, that they overwhelmingly are focused on higher spirituality. They are not very concerned by the dense material needs of their bodies. I.e. they live by the principle “There is food and shelter - good. No – we do not die.” The main thing - it is a culture, fine, conscience, intuition, inspiration. It is easier for them to achieve a high level of development of their higher chakras, rather than signs of the second group. They have no distractions - no demands of lower chakras. However, there is a downside. Because of this excessive aspiration to highest, they have usually mild and rather weak bodies, not capable to heavy loads.
Yet it should be noted that two signs from the first group - Scorpio and Sagittarius (former Sagittarius and Capricorn) are influenced by another gigantic celestial body – the Nucleus of Supergalaxy. And its radiation leads to the development of middle chakras of the body. For these signs are mainly the throat and the heart chakras. At Scorpio (former Sagittarius) they are stimulated greatly, while at Sagittarius (former Capricorn) are weak, but nevertheless the influence exists.
Here's the basic information relating to the scheme "Aspirants, Disciples, Initiates, World Servants and World Saviors".

Thank you for your attention to this book!

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