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It is surprising, but the hierarchy of beings of the Higher Planes is not interested in the infinite extension of the biological life on the planet's surface. They understand that life must exist here just as long as it is necessary. The main thing is reaching the goal – extracting of sufficient amount of radioactive fragrance. After that the life can end. They (and we when we are not on the Earth) understand that life on the planets of earthly type is not possible for long period, only until enough solar heat. This is in the case if the beings will manage to overcome the period of infighting and wars over resources. In any of these cases, the mass life is doomed.
So why should we feel sad about this that sooner or later in any case will be completed? It is best to remember that after living in human bodies, a new existence will wait us. The so-called Promised Heaven. New Jerusalem. Life in the transparent bodies. In the new energy state. When we by own labor – with the help of many incarnations – will accumulate enough “fifth element”, we will move on to the next phase of our existence.
Apparently, compared with the earthly life, it will be a delightful holiday, a true bliss. All religions much say about this. Paradise will come from Heaven to the Earth. How we want to reach up it and look at this transition, and that will be after this!
We will see!             
It’s all. Sooner or later, everyone will see it. Even if not on this planet, each of us on another celestial body will get the perfect energy body.
The real purpose of the Hierarchy is – creating on the Earth enough people of the 6th Root Race. You can read about these races in the books of E. Blavatsky and A. A. Bailey.
All races differ from each other by different development of the energy centers – chakras, namely, of the chakra responsible for the impact of the higher planes, starting with the Buddhic. This chakra is called the “head center” - sahasrara. It is linked with the work of the endocrine pineal gland. Through epiphysis our spiritual part of the Soul - Buddhi, and also the Spirit - Atmic and Monadic Planes - affects on the body using humoral method, i.e. by secretion of chemical substances. In this way the effect lasts longer.
The representatives of the sixth race have a very deep and durable contact with the Soul. In addition, they have a much closer contact with the Monad – i.e. with the higher planes. This distinguishes them from other people.
Thanks to this they generate a lot of radioactive fragrance. Intuition of such people is developed an unusually strongly. Intuition – this is informational connection with the higher planes.
Millions of representatives of the sixth root race will exist at the same time on the Earth. It is thanks to them in the future humanity is waiting for an unprecedented spiritual blossoming.
However, not everything will go as smoothly as we would like.
These people will experience collisions with an ordinary, undeveloped humanity and persecutions from them, because the forces of Darkness often invisibly manipulate by usual people. Struggle goes on the subtle invisible Planes. And the Dark incite the unenlightened people against the light representatives of humanity.
In hard times for the Earth exactly the people of the sixth race will become the centers of spiritual unity and cohesion. They will lead away many of them to the heights of a Spirit. They will be examples of perseverance, unwavering faith and knowledge of the future deliverance from adversity.
How to become a human of the sixth race?
Much depends on the previous incarnations. Efforts in the past largely facilitate the way of the future.
At present, if the target has not been achieved, we should meditate more, seek to love the world and discover its true nature.

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