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If paraphrase the well-known verses of Eugene Dolmatovski, we can say that apple trees already finished to bloom on Mars. Or other types of plants were undoubtedly growing there. They were other than on Earth, because the conditions on Mars were somewhat different from the Earth. Gravity has always been weaker there, because the size of the planet is less. But the life was very similar to Earth's. The one that we have now.
Because of the low gravity all forms were more subtle. The plants had a more luxurious view. They were higher than on Earth, with more lush foliage. And animal world had incredible mobility. They moved with a far greater speed than our animals. They jumped and flied fearlessly - because the probability to be damaged at the fall there was lower.
In general, the gravity of the planet very much affects on the forms of life. On Earth, for example, earlier the gravity was higher. Hence - all those giant forms of dinosaurs. Muscle loads had to be more powerful to overcome such force of attraction. Therefore, muscle mass increased. But to resist such efforts, the bones should have been stronger. Otherwise, they would be broken at any attempt to tear limb from the ground.
So, life existed on Mars.
It’s little funny and sad to hear the news that there is preparing a project for the colonization of Mars. Volunteers want to fly there to live.
Our advice - leave this idea. The life already was on Mars. And now there are absolutely unsuitable conditions for this. It will be wasted money and ruined lives.
All is good in time. Now our goal – is to be here on Earth, to develop and transform the planet, to approach the New Era.
We should stop trying to colonize any other celestial body. In our present, human state we are not able to do this.
As has been said, Mars now is a lifeless desert without water and with a high content of iron oxides in the soil, with cold rarefied atmosphere rich in carbon dioxide.
In the books of E. Blavatsky you can often find the statement that the Teachers of mankind (the Gods) came from Venus. In my opinion, it is pretty illogical. In reality, they came not from Venus, and from Mars.
Life on Venus is now in its infancy. While Mars preceded Earth as a cradle of biological life.
Doomsday was on Mars, as it will be on Earth. All stages that are coming on the Earth and described in the Bible. Mars also had its own Planetary Logos, consisting of Solar Angels. It was also a “school to gain experience and a quarry to extract a radioactive aroma”.
And then, when all was over, the Angels left Mars. Of course, the real name of this planet is another.
The teachers of humanity, the Lords of Karma – are the founders of this life on the planet. They are from among those who have received such “education” on a planet with a similar type of life. Usually this planet preceded in the chain of planets - that is, the End of the World ended on it before this and a new era began.
Lords of Karma – are the keepers of information, because karma - is information. Thanks to them evolution does not start with a clean slate. They accelerate it, offering at the right time the prepared schemes of development.
Hereinafter the nascent humanity perceives them as gods and begins to worship.

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