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The aim of those entities that have chosen the path of incarnation on Earth was the creation of beings with dense bodies, which could move along the surface of the planet with minimal disruption to these bodies.
It was assumed that this will be a long and difficult process that will require countless number of generations and various types of creatures. They will have to constantly adapt their bodies to the changing conditions. Initially, their main goal was survival.
The particles of the highest Planes - Atmic, Monadic, Buddhic – are the powerful source of energy. And energy has the property of destroying the dense body.
That is why most of the higher Planes originally did not hurry to be incarnated on Earth. This work was initially provided to the Astral Plane, because its properties are closest to the Physical. It is not as rich in energy.
The forms began to arise. There appeared vegetable single-celled creatures. Water on the Earth did not exist. Therefore science is mistaken in the belief that life originated in water. The emergence of water requires oxygen in the atmosphere. Free oxygen appeared only together with plants.
Water formed in the upper layers of atmosphere, under the influence of solar radiation, from hydrogen and oxygen.
The first beings were hermaphrodites. So they did not need to look for a pair. They could not move. Their cell wall was solid for protection from the powerful sun radiation. The Earth there was closer to the Sun.
They produced themselves inside the water and all substances (organic) from carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen compounds and rare water molecules. They absorbed the molecules out from the air. The Sun gave them energy for splitting the bonds between atoms, heating them.
Thus was born the vegetable kingdom. But plants could not move along the Earth.
The planet was moving away from the sun. The climate became less hot. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reduced. Plants are very dependent on the ambient heat and light.
It was necessary to create beings able to live autonomously in the conditions of darkness and cold.
They were animals.
That was beings able to extract energy from oxygen of the air. By the time it was enough in the atmosphere. So there arose the breath - the mechanism of heating and generating energy.
Oxygen, heating the body, destroys it to carbon dioxide and water. And in conditions of dark and cold beings could not to create materials for their bodies. They had to kill other creatures and eat their flesh.
By such way violence originated on the Earth - with the beginning of the appearance of animals.
The bodies of the animals are warmer than the bodies of plants. They are flexible and spry. They were the masters of the planet for many millions of years.
Subsequently, due to the accumulation of oxygen in the atmosphere, heavy rains began to drop. The water arose in the upper layers of the atmosphere.
By such way seas and oceans appeared on the Earth. Water filled the lowlands.
Once the level of water became sufficient, the life migrated there.
Animals felt themselves very comfortable in the water. They did not need so much solar radiation for heating, as the plants.
Water gave freedom of movement. They could easily hide and attack each other.
Therefore, water has become the cradle of animal life. Whereas the land is the cradle of plants. And only when the animals got to the state of amphibians, and acquired four paws, they again began to explore the terra firma.
We should add that before the gravity of the planet was more. That is why also it was easier for animals to withstand in the water the force of gravity.
Animal forms were great. This helped to prevent the destruction of the bodies. After all, thin bones under pressure of body weight could easily break. Dinosaurs are the typical example of the Giants. They were huge creatures.

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