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The Bible, as we know, is divided into the Old and New Testaments.
The Old Testament is the recordings of the prophets who lived before the Master Jesus Christ.
New Testament is the story about the first coming of Christ. At least, so say the Christians - this was the first coming of Christ, the Messiah and the Savior of mankind.
As you know, the Jews do not recognize Christianity and Jesus Christ, as the one whose coming they waited and are waiting now from the times of Abraham and Moses.
And whom are they waiting for?
They are waiting for that One, the contacts with whom the entire Bible is dedicated, both the Old Testament and the New. They are waiting for the same as the Christians do.
Christ. Not Jesus, namely, Christ. The Head of Shamballa and the Hierarchy of our planet. Planetary Logos.
However, the Planetary Logos - this is not some person as people mistakenly consider. This is the whole hierarchy of beings of the higher plans.
Jews and Christians expect the same - the descent to Earth of Solar Angels, now living high above the Earth, on Heaven. They are waiting for the beginning of New Era.
The word “testament” if using the use modern language means a “promise”. The promise to do something. In this case - it's a promise to talk to people and go back. The promise to go back and take everyone to Heaven, into the New Jerusalem, into the New Heavenly Earth.
Christians believe that Christ once came to Earth. And now they are preparing for his return. And the Jews believe that the Messiah has not yet come, and everything will be in the future.
So who is right?
Until this year, I have not pondered this issue so thoroughly. This topic had not yet in my mind so clearly outlines, as it is now. And only starting the work on this book, I was gradually arranged all the points above “i”.
Previously, I rarely doubted in the exclusivity of Master Jesus Christ. It seemed so natural that a large part of humanity worships to him. But now I do not think so.
Master Jesus - is not the Christ, not Planetary Logos. The humanity is waiting not exactly for him. He is Mahatma, Great Soul. But he is - one of the many other Mahatmas.
So, the New Testament - is a continuation of the Old. And it is not the final part of the Bible. God (Christ) continues to talk to people and after the Master Jesus, It continues to send prophets. But, of course, the Teachers like Jesus are a rarity. Most of them live in the Himalayas.
Jesus is the representative of the 6th race, the super-human of the future. His Solar Angel merged with him, with his physical body. And this is the truth that Christ (Planetary Logos) has been manifested through him.
I suggest you re-read the Old Testament. This book allegorically tells how it all started and how it will end. Not only Revelation describes the coming apocalypse. The book of Moses, Exodus, is dedicated to the same. Egypt – this is symbolically a realm of Matter. The people of Israel symbolize the Human Soul.
In the End of the World the Matter will not want to liberate the souls of people. It will fight against the ascension to Heaven. The Exodus in the future, as the Exodus from Egypt, will be accompanied by “plagues of Egypt”. The book of Moses describes all the same as the Book of Revelation - water as blood, ulcers on the bodies, the death of animals and humans. That is what will happen when the Higher Planes (God) will descend on Earth in order to return everybody from the captivity of the Matter, from slavery “of Egypt”.
And the books of Ezekiel and Daniel - there you can find a revelation that sooner or later the final of mankind will start.
So not only in the Revelation given by the Master Jesus contains information about the Apocalypse. However, it is Revelation describes it very well, with many details. We will use exactly this book to describe the whole process.

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