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Currently, people derive most of the predictions of Doomsday from the Bible, from Revelation. This book, despite the symbolic character of transmitted information, remains a very valuable source of knowledge.
We would like to avoid ending human existence on this planet.
We would like that people lived peacefully and happily for a long time.
But, alas! It will not happen.
And all because that too many aggressive forces are accumulated in the bowels of the planet. And they want just one – to keep their existence by any price - imposing their will, enslaving with the help of fear.
These forces always affected people, always influenced on them by their energy.
It will not be ceased. Lots and lots of people are exposed to this dark impact. They become passive or active agents of these infernal intentions.
The more people on Earth, and the more adverse the environmental conditions, then the stronger will be the fight over the factors contributing to survival, i.e. for material comfort. Food. Water. Shelter.
So the Apocalypse is imminent. Events of coming Armageddon may frighten anyone. However, it should be remembered that fear - it is a natural part of our nature. Fear - is a protective mechanism that helps to avoid death. Fear is used by the lower Planes.
By connecting the higher chakras, we overcome the fear, remembering of the short duration of our stay here. Realizing the true meaning of our life, we stop being afraid. Fulfilling our mission on this planet, we will move on to a new state of existence. And the sooner the mission will be accomplished, the sooner we shall be changed.
After realizing this, our fear of the Apocalypse will retreat.

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