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The mechanism of increasing of the temperature of any particle comes down to the process of transformation that takes place as a result of passing through the particle of excess ether. I.e. the Law of Transmutation acts here. Any of described in the book "Ethereal mechanics" (https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/416070) "ways of getting" of transformation raises the temperature of the particles.
We will list these ways:
1) Any case of motion of the particle relative to the surrounding ethereal field leads to transformation and thus to increase of its temperature;
2) Every time when a particle is fixed in the gravity field of the object attracting it (particles or elements), which is composed of particles with Fields of Attraction, and an excessive amount of ether passes through it in the composition of Attraction Field of this object, there is transformation of external manifestation of its quality, and accordingly, the temperature rise;
3) A particle is in immobility in the gravity field of the object attracting it. Other particle collides with it (free or as part of a chemical element). The direction of motion of the colliding particle coincides with the direction of bond of the fixed particle and of the attracting object.
In this case the pass through the fixed particle of excess ether also happens, which leads to transformation and increase of temperature.
Please note that it is fixing of the particle in the Gravity Field allows to the ether of Repulsion Field of colliding particle pass through the fixed particle, creating thereby an excess of ether and as the result leading to transformation. If the particle just was in immobility in the empty space and another particle would collide, there would be the following. Ether, filling the particle would shift, and together with it and the particle itself would shift. Accordingly, ether of Repulsion Field of the colliding particle would not pass through the fixed particle, and transformation by this way would not have happened.
In conditions of heavenly bodies particles may be in the free state only in the plasma. In the "Open Space" on the contrary most of the particles are in the free state. Therefore, if we want to study the temperature rise of free elementary particles on the Earth, this should be done by examining the substance in the plasma state. Collisions of particles in the plasma should be attributed to the first method of the temperature increase of free particles.
The fact that ether of the Gravity Field of the Earth passes through free particles in the composition of plasma should be considered as the second method of increasing temperature.

And finally, the transformation and the temperature increases of the moving particles (e.g., photons of the visible diapason) emitted by heated chemical elements - this is the third method of increasing of the temperature of free particles.

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