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Book 11

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The third part of the Teaching of the Himalayan adept, Djwhal Khul, synthesis of science and esoteric

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Future. Meaning of life. End of the World. Copyright © 2015 by Tatiana Danina

Translation from Russian by Tatiana Danina
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Preface number 2.
01. Is really the life only on the Earth possible?
02. Life is a universal phenomenon. The purpose of God.
03. Let’s talk about the End of the World and the meaning of life.
04. Basic Information on the foundations of the universe.
05. So what is radioactivity?
06. Radioactivity can be different.
07. Shroud of Turin.
08. The lake Rakshastal is more radioactive and holier
       than the lake Manasarovar.
09. The meaning of life.
10. Radioactive fragrance is ascension of Matter to Heaven.
      Fifth Element.
11. Monad. Portal of initiation (Heavenly Gate).
12. Initiation.
13. The mechanism of production of radioactive fragrance.
14. The worlds of Robert Monroe.
15. “Loosh / love”
16. “The Rose of the World" by Daniel Andreev.
      Angelic and demonic worlds.
17. The nature of materiality of the light and dark worlds.
18. What is a Logos?
19. Involution and evolution.
20. The books of Kryon.
21. The books that are worth reading.

Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth...
(Revelation of St. John the
      Evangelist, 21:1)


We present to your attention our dilogy on the future of the Earth and humanity.
The first book is preceded the second, revealing the mystery of the meaning of our lives. Why do we exist on this planet Earth? What keeps us here? What common is between the scent of a flower, a radioactive atomic radiation, the glowing of stars and a person, who shows the best qualities of the soul? If you want to know it, this book is for you.
If you are interested in your future and the future of humanity, we offer to your attention the second book of dilogy.
It examines in detail the stages of the End of The World, its causes and hidden meaning. This is a popular topic, and it’s easy to understand. But despite the many false predictions of doomsday, it, nevertheless, will come. And the understanding of the meaning of our lives will help to realize why the final of humanity is inevitable.
Both books are two parts of one whole. And both are the continuation of the series “The Teaching of Djwhal Khul”.
Where from are the ideas for books in this series?
This occurs in such way.
I live like everyone else. At the same time, at some moment, I feel that certain thoughts begin to come into my head.
For example, for this book, I began to get ideas about the future of the Earth, humanity and the universe. Of course, I am always strongly interested in these questions. And how could it be otherwise - that's the main thing that can be in life - to find out who we are and where from. How can you live and do not understand where we are going and what is our purpose, what is the meaning of our existence!
However, I used to endlessly ask these questions ... and to no avail. There were glimpses of understanding, and nothing more.
And only now, when my desire to know coincided with the intention of the Planetary Hierarchy of Light to disclose this information, I was allowed to get it.
And not only get, but also to begin to write a book on this subject. Because people need to realize their future, in order to begin to change the present.
So, I begin to write.
But before, I should formulate the highlights in the consciousness.
I get a thought-package. It contains the idea that I should meditate, expand and get more information.
And the work begins. I focus and try to catch, understand the topic.
Ideas like clouds. It’s easy to frighten away and lose them, if we digress, and this is happening at the very beginning. In the future, they are fixed, covered at first by mental matter, and then by astral, made concrete. Ideas are transformed into thoughts, thoughts into words. Thus are born books.
In the books of this series, including this one, you will often find narration as from one person (me), and a few (we). Do not marvel at this. My mind at the time of reception of ideas merges with the consciousness of the transmitting Teacher. So do not be surprised the changing of "I" and "we" in the text.
In this paper we described the expected future of humanity. However, the exact details are not fully known even to those who instructed me to write about this.
So try to perceive all in the book not through the prism of faith (using the astral), and to analyze material (mental and buddhi).
I was very struck by the received information. At first it seemed to me that another future is prepared for humanity, but everything turned out differently. And gradually I realized the wisdom of conceived and occurring. Everything in this world is transitory. And we should not be sorry about anything. Instead, we need to look forward and enjoy all that is happening to us, because it is a great spectacle of life. And we are the main actors.
It is not easy to transfer to paper the general perception of the world that accompanies the writer and that is his (her) integral part. But what is such a natural and understandable for me, not necessarily be so for others. We all have different lives. And considering the fact that in this world every moment everything elusively changes, you can imagine how different are perceptions of the world of billions different people.
So my job as a writer is to stop time. At least on paper. I want to draw before your eyes the images and ideas that I see inside me. Not all I distinguish absolutely clearly. But much I can see good enough.
In any case, perceive any information as a hypothesis requiring testing and research, but not as an immediate guide to action. You should to check it out logically. And if your intuition is developed well, necessarily try to use. Then it will be easier to avoid delusions and mistakes. And you will not have to blame anyone in cases of its errors.
It is very difficult to convey in words those grandiose pictures that come into my head when I get the material for the book. We can only hope that you catch the echoes of these foresights.


When we seemingly said everything, there is always something that we would like to add. In letters for this purpose people invented P.S. And what can do a writer in the book? If there arose a number of ideas for foreword, after it has been written.
Well, I solved this problem by creating a Preface № 2. It is in front of you.
Despite the fact that the themes in this book are very serious and interesting for each of the living people, my appeal to you - do not take everything too seriously.
The main precept - rejoice like children. Do not worry. And why should we be worrying if we are all already at home. We did not even go out, just moving in different rooms.
Even such a topic as the end of the world should be perceived by you no more than a game. We play. Sometimes cruel. But it's part of our training. We ourselves wished to do so when descended here.
I wish you exciting reading and investigation of the meaning of life and of our future together with me and those who transmitted this information!

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