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So, the Gods came to Earth not from Venus, and from Mars. Solar Angels, the graduates of the “school” on Mars, became the guardians of the earth's evolution.
They live not on the Earth, and high above the planet. This area of the atmosphere is called Shambhala, or the center where the Will of God is known. They direct their knowledge through the underlying Hierarchy.
This situation occurs now on the Earth. And before us – this was on Mars, and even on the Moon. And on all those Earth-like planets that were before them. Certainly, among them there are all the satellites of the giant planets. And after Earth, the process will be repeated on Venus and then on Mercury. And if any planets will arise out of the solar matter, it will be also on them.
Venus is not yet ready for the emergence of biological life. It has too aggressive atmosphere, saturated with steams of acids.
The task of the mineral kingdom there now – is to clean the atmosphere, to convert acids into salts by neutralization reactions.
Once the atmosphere becomes neutral, it will be possible emergence – at first the plant kingdom, and then the animal one.
Venus is very similar to Earth. Now their radii are similar. The equatorial radius of the Earth – is 6378 km, and Venus - 6051 km. However, amount of the substance of Venus is a little more. And also it expands during heating by solar radiation. And when it, moving away from the sun, will take the place of the Earth, its diameter will be larger than that of Earth today.
And when the vegetable kingdom will gain strength, and seas and oceans will appear on the planet, it will become a twin of Earth. But the Earth itself had already become the twin of Mars.
Now the gravitational field of Venus is large, and the rotational speed is low - and all because of the weak heating of subsoil and lack of shells of the Higher Planes.
Over time, it will appear. Gravity will decrease, and the rotational speed will increase.
Feature that distinguishes Venus from Earth is backspin.
Over time, the humanity will arise there. It will pass a similar path of development and experience.
And when the Solar Angels will collect enough radioactive fragrance, and Venusian people will come to the stage of mutual destruction, there will come their own end of the world.
And everything will be repeated on Mercury...

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