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When will start the end of humanity? Naturally, we do not know the exact date. We can only speculate.
The planet could hold on people on its surface still very, very long time.
The planet moves away from the Sun and the solar radiation becomes less. But not the cooling of the surface will cause the end of humanity. It will disappear long before the planet's surface begins to cool at night and in the cold seasons, as it seen in the example of Mars.
Actually, the cooling of the planet begins when the shell of subtle Planes disappears, in other words, when the Logos leaves the planet. Angels fly away into the space, into other worlds – to live and travel. By surrounding the planet, they create a protective shield around it. This screen protects the biological life from overheating or hypothermia. When the angels leave the planet, it remains without protection from cold cosmic or solar radiation.
However, the final of humanity will come not because of hypothermia, but on the contrary - because of the heat.
The Hierarchy of the Higher Planes seeks to incarnate on this planet. Higher beings want to contact with the bodies of people. This is necessary in order to produce the radioactive fragrance in high amounts.
However, the vast majority of mankind is endowed with only partial consciousness. Their main goal is to survive and provide for themselves materially. They know nothing about the purposes of the Hierarchy. They don’t care about this at all. That ignorance and lack of interest in this matter will be the cause of all the ills of people.
People multiply enough uncontrollably. Of course, nobody, no government should regulate this process. It must come from within a human, from the highest centers. However, the higher chakras are underdeveloped in most people. The lower chakras dominate, below the diaphragm, and lower instincts. Reproduction, survival, food.
The number of people on the planet will increase. They will need food, water and material comfort. Our society is based on money. Money - it is work. Industry and machinery - all this burns fuel and emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This enhances the greenhouse effect. Sooner or later the oil, gas and coal will run out. But the people will found new sources of energy for the needs of transport and material welfare.
Over time, enduring many trials and tribulations, people will become wiser. But before they will wise up, people will often stand on the brink of destruction. Despite all the appeals for conservation and protection, flora and fauna will gradually be destroyed for the sake of food.
In addition, the planet will be increasingly heated. It‘s heated by solar radiation, accumulating it in the bowels of the Earth. And the greenhouse effect will only aggravate the situation. The climate will be getting hotter.
As mentioned, around each celestial body, where there is life, the shell arises, consisting of all Planes - Astral, Mental, Buddhic, Atmic and Monadic. The shell creates an additional screen, which prevents the output (emission) of photons.
Take a look at Mars. A biological life doesn’t exist there. And there is not a shell of the subtle Planes. And nothing prevents the cooling of the surface of the planet, in addition to the rarefied atmosphere.
So, three factors lead to a gradual warming of the planet.
- The natural heating by solar radiation.
- Greenhouse effect.
- The shell of the subtle plans around the planet.
The next moment.
Modern scientists do not know this. In the area of ​​the equator, and in the surrounding areas the planet forms outward not the Field of Gravity and the Field of Antigravity. This field of antigravity does not exist near the surface, but in the upper atmosphere.
This occurs because the area of the equator most of all is heated by solar particles. The inner substance is heated up. Therefore, this zone is no longer attracts so much solar photons from the surface as, for example, at the poles.
Attraction of solar photons from the surface deep into is a natural process of cooling the surface. But at the equator, this process is slow and weak, because gravity at the equator is weakened due to the heating of the bowels. Well at least, the last fact is known to science ...
Now on the 20th latitude on either side of the equator of the planet the Field of Antigravity manifested outwardly.
But it will not be always.
This area is expanding. And it will grow. The planet will gradually tilt. I.e. the angle of its axis will be larger. And the equator and equatorial areas will be even hotter than it is now.
Areas closer to the poles will become densely populated. Russia, Canada, Australia and southern South America – all this is the future centers of civilization. Most of the world population will escape there from drought and other disasters.
Russia is to a greater extent, because it is the continental region. And near the ocean coast will also be unsafe, because of the tsunami caused by the tremors.
Yes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will be the main trouble, in addition to the drought.
Antarctica will be free of ice and will populate it.
In the beginning, due to the melting of polar ice caps, sea level will rise. Many coastal regions will be flooded. However, over time, due to evaporation of water into the space, the sea level will return to the previous.
Polar night and polar day will come in many regions due to the increasing angle of inclination of the axis of rotation of the planet. Now this area is limited to 69 parallel. But in the future it will move further away from the poles.
In winter, there will be darker and lighter in summer. But because of the general warming winter will not be cold. It will be dark, but warm.
Let’s say a few words about the worldwide mission of Russia. Due to the favorable geographical position in the future, it will take millions of refugees from the whole world. Here they will find their refuge and temporary rest.
Russia borders with India and China, where in the Himalayas the world Abode of Light is located. There live the majority of the Ascended Masters - Mahatmas. In the future, hence, out of the areas surrounding the Himalayas, the World Final Religion will spread worldwide. The fundamental world doctrine will guide to the peace and enlightenment. Apparently, D. Andreev wrote about it. He named it the Rose of the World.

It will be a doctrine of how to behave in the new global environment, about the future of the planet, how to prepare yourself for the transition to a new state.

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