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So, End of the world, End of humanity will come in spite of everything. But we must not be afraid of this, because it was originally planned.
Moreover, we will say that exactly the Hierarchy of Light will become the initiator of this End of humanity. When we will get enough of the radioactive aroma for our planetary Logos, the staying on the planet would not make sense.
Therefore, the Highest Beings will launch the final mechanism of return – the Ascension.
Yes, imagine, the Ascension is nothing else as the end of the mission, the rescue of the prisoners from the prison of Matter.
But when that day comes, no man knows. This is frequently repeated in the Bible. Only our Planetary Logos knows this - that existence, which we name Jesus Christ. But in reality - it's a whole hierarchy of beings. This is our solar Angels, which retain the extracted by us radioactive fragrance.
 When they will decide that it’s collected enough, they will begin the process of Ascension - that is, they will return us home, to Heaven, from where we went down in the beginning of the “colonization” of this planet.
We can name them using the language of our time, our “technical support”.
They are - the Spirit, we are - the Soul, i.e. lower energy level. We are the Sons of Earth compared with them. They are the Sons of Fire. We must listen to them - that is, trust them in the sense of presence at them more reliable information about the Plans of Creator.
They are the guardians of pure information. They know when the final stage of the return will start. When the Angels will trumpet, i.e. they will give a signal to the beginning of the Exodus Home.
The true, full-blooded life will begin for us then and only then, after return to the “out of body” condition. And here we considerably suffer, shackled by gravity, even if our life is relatively stable. We should remember about it and patiently wait for the end of our existence on the Earth as the end of a hard working shift.

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