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“Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years” (Revelation 20: 6).
At this time, all those souls, which did not manage to change the nature of their information to the first resurrection, have a chance to ascend. They will be led by the Hierarchy of Light, led by Christ (Shambhala) and Saints (graduates). All of them will help to be transformed, to cease to be human beings, animals, plants. After all, the Earth will be changed completely. The physical basis will be transformed. In the future, it will be connected to the Higher Planes. Heavens will descend on Earth. But the Sky will not accept them until they leave behind the programs of behavior, where there is a place of violence and hatred.
And during this period of time, which is referred to in Revelation “the Millennial reign of Christ and the Saints”, they will heal, teach and restore their memory. They all need to be reminded of the motherland, where they came from. After all, most of them were at Home so long ago that thoroughly forgotten who they really are.
Souls on the Earth are overgrown with information on conditional values, which are important only to the survival on the planet. And when survival is no longer needed, the temporary values ​​themselves are losing all meaning.
Such gradual work on the transformation of consciousness will be for the Hierarchy of Light and for the Saints on this long period of time. And Christ will come to earth not to torment by Fire, as it may seem after reading the Bible, but to help to return to Heaven. Fire - it is the Hierarchy itself, its energy.
With regard to the intimidation of the Bible, do not forget when it was written. And the Master Jesus belongs to the Ray № 6. It implies a fanatical adherence to the chosen ideal.
During the millennial reign the Atmic and Monadic Planes will are sink deeper into the Matter of the planet, eliminating the lack of “loosh/love” (radioactive fragrance) to those souls that have not sufficient amount. Connection to the Higher Planes will open them way to Heaven.
Again, let’s recall the book by Robert Monroe. In the second book, “Far journeys”, he says that we must as a spaceship free ourselves from particles adhering to the corps and dial the required speed of escape from this earthly pitfall. And loosh/love will help us in this.
All is exactly so. Loosh/love, or produced radioactive aroma really helps us to ascend to heaven, escaping from captivity of Earth.

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