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In front of me there is an amazing book of Russian spiritual seer. He has long gone away to another world, having spent many years of life in prison dungeons. This person is Daniel Andreev, and the book – “The Rose of the World”. It contains the truth, and that says it all.
We can long and unsuccessfully prove the veracity of such literature to the people extraneous to the esoteric. And all because they have not yet woken up to the invisible side of life, did not feel its invisible breath and subtle effect. Precisely because of the subtleties and invisibility it is hard to believe in this. Much easier to pay attention to things easily perceived by the usual senses.
“The Rose of the World” is a remarkable book. Although, in my opinion, the book has a lack of cold, unemotional approach. Author overly scares the readers, describing the demonic worlds and torments of sufferers. Buddhist calm impersonality is much better.
And a series of philosophical metaphysical moments the writer reveals not entirely accurately.
In addition, we can argue about limited role of woman in the creative process.
In all other respects the book is full of profound meaning. Every person, able to analyze occurring events, should read and comprehend it. I could praise this work for a long time. Especially good is the metaphysical analysis of what is happening. When you open it and read, you will understand why. And if you've already read, then most likely, you will agree with me.
The book of D. Andreev has a direct relation to our work.
What relation?
I will explain.
In “The Rose of the World” you can find multi-page descriptions of invisible worlds: ascending - light, angelic, and descending - dark, demonic. These worlds, despite of their invisibility, have material basis. They are populated by a huge number of creatures. And they all have some relation to the earthly world, somehow connected with it.
So what is that connection?
The connection is the most direct. All these worlds receive radiation from the earthly world. We, the earthly beings, nourish them with our emanations. And light and dark worlds exist in that form and shape, in which they exist, thanks to “radioactive fragrance” emitted by us. And they affect us, forcing emit the particles of different informational orientation.
If we think widely, nobly, with love and understanding - we nourish the worlds of light. And if our thoughts are dark, selfish, full of evil and hatred - this is the best food for the dark forces.
Remember that every step, every action, every thought and deed, as in a mirror, reflected in the Heavens and under the Earth. We at every moment change informational base (karma) of the planet, making the choice between good and evil, love and hate.
The light worlds of Daniel Andreev are the abode of the Spirit. The result of work of the Soul in the material world. It's all good and light - marble - which manages to get in the prison of life experience on the Earth. These areas are the repository of beauty.
The dark worlds are the result of the features of life in the grip of gravity. Millions of years of life on Earth, before human kingdom, when animals reigned on the planet, spawned a huge number of aggressive subtle forms. This is souls of animals, which were killing other life forms.
Then there appeared the kingdom of people. They have become the source of many “sinful” Souls, that forgetting of good intentions moved away from the light path. They supplemented the number of worlds created before them by animals. And, moreover, they created by their emanations new worlds inherent only for people.
Accordingly, after the death of these people, their souls could not ascend into the angelic realms, as this occurs in the case of pure souls. They “could not” not because they were not allowed, but due to the low aspiration of their consciousness. What was enjoyed during the lifetime, this will attract after death. This is the Law. That’s why the criminals of all stripes after death find themselves in subtle-material places that we call Hell.
Environment of dark worlds, however, as well as of light, is recreated by their inhabitants, and supported by them. If you do not aspire to the Light, the soul can become an inhabitant of this area and stays there for long.
Radiations of fear of “victims” are very important to the dark worlds. These emanations maintain their informational content. After all, if there is no fear, then its inhabitants can begin to transform into light. And they do not want change because transformation seems to them as death (which is partly true). They want to stay forever in their appearance and nature. And only information of fear and other sinful emotions and thoughts allows them to remain who they are. Demons.
Perhaps they feel it and unconsciously or consciously are looking for sources of such radiations in the animal and human worlds. And when they do not consume such energy for a long time, apparently they lose the very meaning of their existence.
And, as you remember, any emanation of our worlds is a radioactive fragrance - complex particles released from the chemical elements of our bodies under the influence of the particles of subtle Planes.
Not only our Soul is able to extract from our bodies this fragrance. Are capable and external influences - light and dark.
Of course, the Light Beings do not use such opportunity without the will of creature (human, animal). But the Darks do this very often. At every opportunity, if the protection of the Light of the human is weak, they tend to affect the mind and emotions, causing in it all kinds of negative feelings and thoughts.
Let’s take at least the mechanism of the state power based on fear. Just go to the prosecutor's office of any city as you start to feel the overwhelming impact of some subtle beings living there. In prisons this effect is manifested even in larger scale. In the military institutions it is less, because the military perform not only punitive but also protective functions. And, therefore, not only Darks, but also the Lights affect them. The same can be said about the police.
As you can see, we are inextricably linked to the subtle worlds. We nourish them. They affect us.
The question arises. Why dark subtle essences that live in the depths of the Earth, and partly on the surface, do not turn to the light and do not leave the planet?
After all, the universe is so great. It's so spacious. Probably it’s better to travel than to live in narrowness. Perhaps these entities are afraid to lose their nature.
If they want to go beyond the Earth, they must be changed. They will have to overcome a shield (Heaven's Gate) of the Forces of Light. The Darks will have to come into contact with the Light Beings. And the power of the Light is more. The Darks cease during this contact to be evil. But this means that they will cease to be who they are. And it frightens them.
Therefore, they continue to hide in the catacombs and bowels of the planet and greedily devour the evil emanations of people and animals, feeding off by them. By the way, minerals and plants do not kill anyone. Therefore, they do not radiate evil.
But sooner or later they will have to come out to the surface and collide with the Light. Armageddon is coming. 

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