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Book 12

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The third part of the Teaching of the Himalayan adept, Djwhal Khul, synthesis of science and esoteric

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The Future: End of the World. Copyright © 2015 by Tatiana Danina

Translation from Russian
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This part we will begin by considering the peculiarities of life on our planet, and also, on celestial bodies of other types.
Here we will prepare the ground for a detailed review of the Biblical Revelation, given by the Teacher Jesus Christ to his disciple John the Evangelist. And analysis of the prediction of the Apocalypse will be in the next part.
Yes, do not be surprised, the Revelation is still very important. I also thought before I started writing this book that the future of humanity will have another scenario. But the received information was absolutely unequivocal.
In this part we will try to approximately describe the climate and geopolitical structure of the planet, which will precede the onset of what is called the End of the world.


Pleasant and sublime feeling arises when you write about life on the Earth and at the same time you sit on this planet and is a part of it.
But all feelings, no matter how pleasant they are, should be left aside. Let's move on to the analysis.
Life on our planet seems to us so familiar and natural. But do not consider for arrogance, no one scientist of the number of people will not respond to the next questions. What was the beginning of life in reality? For which purpose is it arose? And what is the plan for its further development – i.e., how it will end. We have approximate answers to these questions.
About the meaning of life – i.e., for which purpose it arose - we wrote in the first book of this dilogy. Now let's talk about what characterizes life on the Earth.
Earth – this is not the most convenient place for the formation of life.
How strange, you will decide.
Yes, it is strange, but true. Like all the other terrestrial planets - Mercury, Venus, Mars, Pluto, Moon. Yes, do not be surprised, Pluto is the same as all terrestrial planets. Small. With a small amount of substance.
Because of this, all the troubles and problems of the terrestrial planets – due to the small amount of the substance in their composition. Because of this, such planets represent “the stars of suffering”.
What is the meaning of life?
Answer – immerse of the High Planes (the Spirit) into the Lower (Matter) in order to extract particles of the lower Planes, to harmonize the bodies (to increase the gravitational effect and weaken the anti-gravity).
Oddly enough, but the best conditions for this exist on the giant planets and other large celestial bodies. Such planets include in their composition a big amount of substance. Because of this there exists strong degree of transformation - i.e. high temperature.
Take a look at the Sun. Its scale is large. That is why it is so red-hot.
The highest degree of transformation (i.e. temperature) is in the center of celestial body. Because of this, the sizzling hot substance is constantly moving from the center to the periphery. On the periphery it cools down - within the temperature ranges of this body, and then because of the increasing gravity again dives into the center.
This process of stirring of substance takes place in any celestial body. We can’t observe it on the Earth, but it occurs there, below us, in the bowels of the planet.
We should remember that lowering the temperature this is increase of gravity and decrease of antigravity. Temperature rise, on the contrary, it is the weakening of gravity and increase of antigravity.
The same process of stirring of sizzling hot substance occurs on Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus. Only there the temperature is lower than in the Sun, because the scale is smaller.
Scientists are still thinking what lies behind the thick atmosphere of the giant planets.
Let them not build guesses.
There is a dense base. They are not rarefied gas balloons, how it is considered today. But the dense base is sizzling hot. The surface of Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus is covered by ocean, but not of water, as at us, and of magma. Dense sizzling hot substance in a liquid state.
Gases evaporate from the surface of the ocean and constantly replenish the thick atmospheric shell.
It is known that Jupiter, for example, emits (mainly in the infrared spectral range) on 60% more energy than it receives from the Sun.
As you can see, on the surface and in the interior of giant planets there is no shortage of energy. All substance is red-hot. Planets breathe by energy, radiate it.
We are accustomed that the excess of energy poses a great danger for the body – energy burns it. Therefore, we think that a lot of energy - this is bad, dangerous.
This is not so.
If you do not have the dense body, at all, you have nothing to fear. Fire can’t hurt the fire.
All the body of the giant planet is a unified whole. Spirit easy and simple sinks into the molten Matter. Matter in this state profusely emits radioactive fragrance. The process occurs sublimely and joyfully, without pain and suffering. Such planets are sacred – i.e., emit light (particles, “fragrance”) due to their high temperature.
Even when the giant planets move away from the Sun and receive less heat, the process of life continues there.
Stable and sustainable schools of receiving of life experience in Matter exist on Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.
And what do we see on the Earth?
Originally a small quantity of substance in the composition of the planet creates in it a small total temperature. As mentioned, in the center of it the temperature is higher than at the periphery. The core is sizzling hot. But the surface is cold and because of this dense. Earth's crust, like on the yeast dough that has risen.
This dense substance on the surface is the cause of all the problems of earthlings, as well as features of life on this planet.
The life on any planet (any celestial body) tends to be fixed for a long time. Ideal - as long as this celestial body exists.
But this is impossible on the Earth. Due to the lack of energy on the surface the School of Ascension is created only on that period, when the planet is close enough to the sun to stay warm. Further, the surface of the planet receives very little solar radiation and biological life on it can not continue to exist. However, usually the End of the world comes earlier, and not because of the cold snap. In the struggle for resources the inhabitants of such planet begin deadly feud against each other. And the resources themselves, especially food, become depleted. And Logos decides to end the life on the planet and to return the Souls immersed into the Matter.
Life on the giant planets does not form permanent forms. All is transiently and inconstantly there. The gaseous and hot substance is fluid and does not retain shape. This world is ductile and changeable.
And here on the Earth, everything, as though, is congealed motionless once and for all. Things are changing slowly. And all because the dense matter forms the long-living forms, chained by gravity and tied to the planet's surface.
The situation is aggravated even more in cold weather and in cold climate. Everything freezes. Even such substance freezes, which is usually liquid or gaseous - water, for example.
In addition, the Higher Planes on the giant planets do not need to be separated into individual creatures. Of course, they can be separated, but not because of the need, and as desired.
Here on the Earth, this is the only way of existence.
We are forced to live into the dense forms and exactly in them we work, moving them along the surface of the planet. All this is connected with the risk of collisions and destructions of forms. The Force of Inertia arises during movement – flow of energy emitted by particles behind them. When the body stops, this energy is converted into the Force of Counteraction and destroys the bodies, passing through them.
On the giant planets beings inhabit in the atmosphere and work in it. They create light, rarefies and fluid bodies.
On the Earth we had to go by the way of the creation of molecules and the transmission of hereditary information.

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