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The history of birth, life and obscuration of the giant planets in general is similar to the history of Earth-like planets. But only in general terms.
They also born from ejections of substance of a star and evolve, moving away from the center of the solar system. And then they move away too far, where the gravity of the star is already weak. Then they break away from the solar system and wander in space until be attracted and are absorbed by the Nucleus of Galaxy, or even by a larger celestial body.
The main difference lies in the evolution of giant planets. Life on them is developing quite differently than on earthly planets. They're big and from the very beginning have more substance in their composition. Therefore, the degree of transformation of the quality of particles is higher. I.e. the substance is heated more. For example, Jupiter radiates electromagnetic waves on 60% more, than it receives from the sun. These planets do not have the earthly crust on the surface. They are covered with sizzling-hot magma oceans.
These planets, of course, also have their own Planetary Logos - screens consisting of beings of the Higher Planes. Schools that are involved in the extracting of radioactive fragrance.
In them, as on other celestial bodies, the Spirit plunges into Matter in order to get the experience of living in a dense state. Probably for creatures of Higher Planes deprived of gravity, it is of great interest.
I do not know in detail in what exactly the giant planets are good as a field of experience.
Creating of long-lived forms from a dense material, as on Earth, is impossible there. Think about it - what can be constructed from lava?
There's powerful gravity, a lot of energy and a thick layer of atmospheric gases.
Spiritual beings that are plunged into such heavenly body, originally study the experience of group life. There can’t be individualized existence, as we have, where every man for himself.
Death and diseases, as we have, there are not. Solar Angels freely enter into the physical substance and go out at will, without waiting for the destruction of the body as on earthly planets.
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune from the beginning were sacred. For “terrestrial” planets, in order to achieve this status, it is necessary to overcome the end of the world and go into the state of the New Era. Only then terrestrial planets begin to emit large amounts of radioactive aroma.
But the giant planets are capable for this from the very beginning - from the time of formation. Therefore, the creatures there don’t need to endure, wait and hope. All they need – is to learn to think and to create by thought, to aspire, love and enjoy the freedom. It is these qualities are formed there in a full degree. Group synthesis, unity, love, the fullness of being. But we should not assume that the terrestrial planets are worse. No, they just give the creatures other experiences.
End of the World will not occur there, until a giant planet is a part of the solar system, because it is not required. End of the World is caused by descent of the Higher Planes. And there from the beginning the Higher Planes are immersed in Matter.
End of the World - this is earthly concept. It marks the start of New Era and transition of the planet into the sacred state. And the New Era on the giant planets has always been and is not terminated.
However, the Higher Planes can nonetheless leave it. This occurs when the planet leaves the solar system. Then it ceases to be heated by a star and becomes a space wanderer. It begins to gradually cool down. Terms and conditions change. These changes become an unfavorable factor for getting of experience and radioactive fragrance.
The subsequent fate of such planet is not defined. And Solar Angels leave it looking for other places to live.
Let’s clarify the interesting physical fact. Where from arise the rings at the giant planets? These are the ice blocks of frozen atmospheric gases.
And why they are located exactly in the area of ​​the equator?
If you notice, it is a natural phenomenon in the cosmos. The planets orbit the star in the area of its equator. The satellites of the large planets do the same. The stars in spiral galaxies also orbit by such way. Why?
Everything is explained by the presence at celestial bodies at the same time of two symmetrical centers of attraction (gravity). It's their poles. They are heated the least, and therefore has the more Field of Attraction than of all other areas of the planet. Therefore, the body, flying around a heavenly body, tends to stay at the same distance from both poles. Namely, in the equatorial region.
That's all the explanation.

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