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The traditions and legends of the East speak of Maitreya - the Savior of humanity, the Messiah, deliverer from the World's Evil. He (She, It) is known by many other names. The names are other, and the meaning is the same. It is Christ, the Planetary Logos.
As you can see, the Teaching of the coming of Light to Earth and the beginning of a New Era has penetrated in all world religions.
However, there are not so many details. This explains all the mistakes and misunderstandings in the perception of this information.
“…let us remember the Messianic ideas that can be found among the most varied peoples of Asia and unite them into one great future expectation.
The yearning of Palestine towards a Messiah is well known. The anticipation of a great Avatar near the Bridge of the Worlds exists throughout the broad masses. People know of the White Horse and the Fiery Comet-like Sword and the radiant advent of the Great Rider above the skies. The learned rabbis and Kabbalists throughout Palestine, Syria, Persia, and the whole of Iran, relate remarkable things on this subject.
The Moslems of Persia, Arabia, and Chinese Turkestan sacredly preserve the legend of Muntazar, who will soon lay the foundation of a New Era. It is true that when you speak to the Mullahs of Muntazar, they will sharply deny it at first, but if you insist sufficiently and show sufficient knowledge, they will gradually cease their denials and often even add many important details. And if you still persist and tell them that they have already saddled the white horse in Isphahan, which is to carry the Great Comer, the Mullahs will look at each other and add that in Mecca a Great Tomb is already prepared for the Prophet of the Truth.
The most learned Japanese, the great scholars, speak highly of the awaited Avatar, and the learned Brahmins, taking their information from the Vishnu Puranas and the Devi Puranas, quote beautiful lines about the Kalki Avatar coming on a white horse. …
In the Temple of Gum monastery, not far from the Nepalese frontier, instead of the usual central figure of Buddha, you see a huge image of the Buddha Maitreya, the coming Savior and Ruler of Humanity. … The Lord Maitreya is seated on his throne; his legs are no longer crossed as usual, but are already set on the ground. This is a sign that the time of His Coming is near and that the Ruler is already preparing to descend from his throne” (N. K. Roerich, “Heart of Asia”).

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