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It may seem surprising, but the Biblical story of Noah - it's also the story about the Apocalypse.
The information that the Noah’s Flood has no relation to the physical water comes to me from 2005. But all the details became clear to me just now.
The water, which floods the world in the story of Noah - it's not real water, but the Water of Life - energy. Master Jesus told about it to the woman at the well by saying that whoever drinks this water that will never thirst.
Noah is a New human, a new humanity.
The Ark, which he builds, is the same as the Ark of the Covenant in Heaven. The Ark of Revelation. This is the world of energy, consisting of particles of all plans. It is built of radioactive aroma, which is collected by our Solar Angels of two higher Planes. The New Divine body of the Planetary Logos. This is for whose sake we are here on the Earth.
Noah collects into it, into the Ark, pairs of all creatures. I.e. the Souls, new people, collect on the Earth all information about our stay here, starting with the subhuman kingdoms. All this information is now stored in the “Ark” in Heaven.
When God (Planetary Logos) will “flood” the old humanity with the Water of Life – with energy – New Era, Paradise, will begin. The New Earth will arise on the horizon, from the “Water”.

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