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Everything said about the fate and evolution of giant planets has the relation to celestial bodies of even larger scale.
Our sun. Other stars. Nuclei of Galaxies and Supergalaxies. Finally, the Central Celestial Body of the Universe. All of them are inhabited by life. And if you think otherwise, we will not agree.
Bodies of this size are the perfect places for extracting of radioactive fragrance and getting experience of life in the group unity.
The greater the celestial body, the larger the number of particles in its structure, the higher its temperature. I.e. the degree of transformation of quality.
High temperatures create excellent conditions for immersion of the Spirit into the Matter – into plans that are rich in energy. There's never been any solid form such as on the Earth. There everything changes every moment. The oceans of lava heated to unimaginable temperatures. For earthly humanoids this is deadly. But for the fire life – it is the norm.
Creatures incarnated there and do not aspire to stability. They never cared about that can freeze. They do not breathe, and therefore they do not need food to compensate the building material for the body evaporating with carbon dioxide. They're not people. But they are alive. And reasonable. Much more than we are now. And they are clean and free of Evil. They love. They love themselves, the other world, the universe.
I do not know anything about them. I can only guess what they are. But even these thoughts cause me the feelings of deepest pacification, happiness and joy. I'm happy just from the awareness of their existence.
Our sun – is the cradle of the fiery life. Any star. The stars in the cosmos are as the sand in the desert. There are so many of them. And all are different. Different scales, temperature and quality. Various Fields of Gravity and Antigravity. All these factors affect the incarnated there life. And I don’t know what objectives and aspirations are presented in the consciousness of these beings.
I would like, completing the way a human, to get experience of existence in one of these heavenly bodies. Or not in one.
The scales of the nuclei of galaxies are even more formidable. And imagine the Nuclei of Supergalaxies! The number of these giant objects in the Universe is less than others. And they are the most majestic.
But even they do not compare to what lies in the center – the Central Celestial Body of the Universe (CCBU). I have no data on its scale. And about those lives that inhabit it. From New Astrology it is known that when the sun is projected on Pisces (former Aries, from March to April), the Earth at this time is closest to CCBU and projected on Virgo. The influx of spiritual energy at this time is the largest. Apparently, the reason for this – is the emanation of those creatures that inhabit the CCBU. Perhaps the dream and goal of all beings in the universe is to incarnate there.
As a human, I can only guess what is happening outside our Earth. Maybe we all start from the earthly experience, from the life on a small planet, in the bodies of people. And successfully completing this way, we get the opportunity to move on, to embody on celestial bodies of larger scale. This is the meaning of our evolution - to try everything, to collect as much experience as possible.
And I do not know all, until I am just a human. But without the human experience the universe would lose something very important. So let's be patient, continue to live and wait how this will end. And the End of the World - it's a mere trifle! After all, we have experienced this before, on other planets and perhaps more than once.

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