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Among modern scholars (the official direction of science) there is a theory about the uniqueness of the phenomena of life. Another absurdity. Of course, life is the most versatile process in the universe. It is difficult to prove, sitting on Earth in a physical body, chained to the planet by gravity. It is necessary to comprehend this with the help of spiritual practices - meditation, visualization, intuitively.
But this book is written not to scold of somebody. It must help to understand.
Space is God. We live in it, we are part of it. We are its creations.
Why does Space create us?
That's a good question. More precisely, the most important question in our life. Answer it means to know the main purpose of our existence. It is necessary for each of us.
But it is so difficult - to find the answer. You can say a lot of common phrases. But the truth is one, and yet it is fully known only to the source of our life - God. How difficult is to recognize, how difficult is to believe that we have no independent existence. Someday we will disappear in Pralaya, in the Non-existence of Space. But until that will not happen, we need to find something - to find out our goal.
This Universe is a funny thing. It's like an experiment on a gigantic scale. God-Space has a purpose. It is a Silent Witness. It released inside itself myriad of sentient lives - particles. And it observes how they behave themselves. These particles are originally limited by a set of operating factors. We call them the laws of nature.
An example of one of these laws is gravity. There is also anti-gravity - another law-factor that was not understood until by the earth scientists.
There are also other laws.
These primary factors are determined by the Space. These include the structure of particles and that occurs in them. We are talking about a special state of space. We call this state "energy". This energy is at the same time information about the particle, its position in space, contacts with other particles, all its experience. This energy-information appears and disappears in every particle. And in particles of different quality these processes go at different speeds. Hence, there are two main types of particles Yin and Yang. Yin absorbs energy. Yang emits. Yin is responsible for gravity. Yang - for anti-gravity. Their combined action determines all the variety of natural processes and phenomena in the universe, which enumerate here at once we simply can’t. Them very much!
So God created inside itself a huge number of particles and limited the factors of their manifestation and interaction.
The number of particles is strictly defined, but we do not know their exact quantity. Logically, it can be concluded that the number of Yin particles should be equal to the number of Yang. Otherwise, the balance of energy in the universe would be violated. But in reality - half emits the energy, and the other half takes it. That's how the logic comes to our aid.
The number of particles determines the constructed universe, its size, scale, and occurring phenomena. For example, the temperature and luminosity of the heavenly bodies are directly related to the number of chemical elements (and particles). The more of them, the higher the temperature and brightness. These are the laws of ethereal mechanics. We refer you to the book "Teaching Djwhal Khul - Ethereal mechanics» - http://efirnaia-mechanika-djwal-khul.blogspot.ru.
Why did God-Creator exercise this experiment?
I'm afraid that here we will not help to answer this question. It does this for something. We will learn someday.
Dimensions of the Space, for sure, are also very important for the experiment.
Hopefully someday we will know the answers to all these questions. Otherwise, why all this!
God has a purpose - to combine all its Planes.
It is possible that when it reaches that goal, it (God) want to see what will happen next, how these combined particles will behave.
Or there are other universes, with the same conditions for the particles, or may be with others. And maybe, in time, will be opening and integration of different universes.
It's just a guess.
I, as a transmitter of information from Djwhal Khul, can be responsible only for the received impressions. However, I myself can think logically and intuitively, and develop the idea. However, my attempts to understand did not give significant results. Perhaps it is not all information, and Mahatmas know more. But they can’t tell people everything.
So, we will be glad to have at least this and search further, explore.
We will not send now our consciousness far, to God's distant purposes. Especially because they are not yet known for us. Do not forget that we do not even know what is the "God".
Absolute considered unknowable to the human mind. During our evolution and development, for sure, we will be closer to it.
So, if you want to know all this, but you are not able, do not worry and do not despair - you are not alone in your endeavors. We all, the researchers of the universe, living on Earth, are very limited in our capabilities and methods of cognition. God-Creator can’t be placed in a human laboratory.
And now, instead of mourn for the unattainable (unattainable at the moment), let's turn to already known purpose of God. Its purpose can be characterized as the creation of "radioactive fragrance", or as extraction of marble in stone quarries of life experience. Read about this marble in the books of Alice Bailey, there's a lot of information. This last phrase on the marble refers us to Masonry and its symbolism. Marble is the most valuable thing that the Soul can extract from the physical plan. Love, joy, knowledge, will. Everything else is "ordinary stones", and will be discarded. Marble is a radioactive fragrance. Mason means who produces "marble".

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