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And now, after we have discussed, what constitutes the processes of emission and reflection of elementary particles (including visible photons),  let's consider the reasons for which we anyway optically perceive substances of surrounding us bodies and environments. 
All substances of the surrounding world depending on whether, can we or not to see through them, should be divided into two main groups:  
1) Transparent;

2) Opaque.
After we have identified the substance under investigation into one of these groups, we should make one more classification. According to a second classification all substances:
1) Or are painted in one of the six colors of the spectrum (rainbow are colored in one of the six colors of the spectrum (rainbow);
2) Or are colored in a mixture of two or more colors of the spectrum;
3) Or are colorless;
4) Or white, or black, or combine both properties - gray;  
5) Or have a metallic luster;
6) Or combine coloration with glitter;
7) Or combine colorless with glitter.
Coloration, shine or colourlessness in conjunction with the transparency or opacity - these are the optical properties of the substance and they manifest themselves during interaction of the moving elementary particles with chemical elements of the substance. The moving visible photons are compulsory for the manifestation of shine of the substance, but they are not necessary for the manifestation of the coloration of substance. In this latter case,  the particles of other quality  can replace them - for example IR or radio photons. 
The existence of substance coloration, shine or transparency is caused by:  
1) Features of qualitative and quantitative composition of  chemical elements of the substance;
2) The quality of the bombarding particles.

Shine, transparency and most cases of coloration of substances, located on the surface of celestial bodies of planetary type (i.e in conditions of sufficiently low temperatures)  are caused by reflection and emission of visible photons. 

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