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The third part of the Teaching of the Himalayan adept, Djwhal Khul, synthesis of science, religion and philosophy, continuation of the books of E. Blavatsky and AA Bailey

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Nuclear physics - is a very difficult area of knowledge, and primarily because scientists skillfully combine in it, themselves without knowing it, lies and truth. The truth - it's all the observed phenomena, plus partially their interpretation. The lie - it's the most part of explanations and interpretations of these phenomena.
Nuclear physics, as well as entire physics as a whole, so bogged down in abstruse, entangled interpretations, far removed from the truth, that it seems to us quite tricky to understand all this cluster of ignorant intricacies. But it is necessary.
First of all, to correctly unravel a tangle of truth and untruth, referred to as "nuclear physics", we should figure out the how scientists  explore masses of elementary particles and chemical elements. We guess that exactly here lies one of the roots of many wrong judgments, concerning the structure of the chemical element.
First, it should be recalled that scientific terms "mass" and "energy" they correspond to the occult concepts "Yin" and "Yang", "Matter" and "Spirit". Mass - this is Yin, Matter, Field of Attraction. And energy - it is YangSpiritField of Repulsion.
Do not be afraid of presence here of esoteric symbolism. This is an ancient teaching about the duality of the universe expressed with the help of symbols of Yin and Yang. Modern science is trying by all means to tell us about the same using for this other symbols and concepts. However, the doctrine of Yin and Yang appeared much earlier than science. Therefore we use its titles. 
Usually the scientists correlate the concept of "energy" with various kinds of electromagnetic radiation. And that is right. Electromagnetic waves - this is free particles, saturating and covering chemical elements. Chemical elements are constantly exchanging by these free photons, absorb and emit them. And Yang particles predominate among the free photonsSo it is not surprising that scientists call emitted and absorbed photons by one word - "energy". Here it is - again the eternal confrontation between Light and Darkness. Even scientists have felt this. And they are so skeptical about the religious concepts.
Scientists say and write that in the course of nuclear, chemical, molecular transformations chemical elements emit and absorb energy.
Well, they are absolutely right. Really, all restructuring and perturbations of elements are accompanied by a change of maintenance in them of free photons - energy.
Energy - is the cause of disintegration of any conglomerates of elementary particles, whether it is a body, a molecule, a chemical element or a complex particle (such as a proton or neutron, for example). Photons wedge in the slits between nucleons and widen, destroy, push away with the help of emitted energy (ether). Any bond - nuclear, chemical, intermolecular - has a gravitational basis. The cause of any bond is the Force of Attraction. In order to destroy any connection, it is necessary to apply its antipode - a Repulsive Force - ether, energy. Between the particles there is a connection, because there is a lack of energy. And if the particles will have a source of energy, which make up for this deficiency, the bond will collapse naturally.
As you understand, it is impossible just to take and place the elementary particles, chemical elements or molecules on the scales, as we do this with the bodies. But since then, as a microcosm was discovered, scientists very wanted measure the mass of its objects. Oh, inventive human mind! And what - the solution was found.
In 1897, Sir Joseph John Thomson in the Cavendish Laboratory of the Cambridge University discovered the electron. And at the same time he built the first mass spectrometer, created by him to study the influence electric and magnetic fields on the ions, generated in the residual gas on the cathode of X-ray tube.
Thomson noted that  move along parabolic trajectories. I.e. there was the deviation under the action of Forces of magnetic and electric fields. Of course, at that time scientists did not say that magnetic field - is the gravitational, and electric - the antigravitational. They and now do not talk about it, this is we assert so. The gravitational field existed separately, of itself, and electromagnetic - of itself. Therefore, Sir Thomson showed respect for both interactions, and presented dependence of the trajectories of motion of the ions as a dependency between the mass and charge. Oh, very good, decided the scientists of those times. Now it is possible to calculate the mass, knowing the charge and degree of deviation of moving objects of the microcosm. And no one even guessed then that mass and charge - it's one and the same. Few people understand this and today. This is we proclaim this concept.
"But how can this be?" – you will exclaim, "if the mass and charge - are the same thing, then how is it possible by using one to calculate another?!" "And nohow" - we will answer. Because this is full nonsense. The mass and charge can't be divided! Because this is the different words for the same. And the scientists of the future will recognize this.
However, placing mass in the numerator, and not in the denominator, Sir Thomas revealed in general the correct regularity. The greater the mass of a moving object, the more it s attracted in the magnetic field (which is the gravity field). Here only I don't know, what magnitude mass has in the case of repulsion of ions and particles in the electric field. The electric field - is the Field of Repulsion, component of the electromagnetic. Negatively charged ions will be repelled most of all. Under the negative charge should be understood the Field of Repulsion - antimass. As the Fields of Attraction and the Repulsion Fields can be manifested outwards in conglomerates of particles of varying quality. Therefore most often occurs as a repulsion by the electric field, and an attraction by the magnetic. We can find out the magnitude of Repulsive Field (antimass) of the moving object by the degree of repulsion in the electric field, and the magnitude of the Gravitational Field (mass) - by the degree of attraction in the magnetic field.
For what purpose are we talking about this? And in order to make explicit one very notable fact, which will help us to understand - how it happened that was accepted the theory, according to which in the chemical elements may be contained such a small number of nucleons, for example, in hydrogen - only one proton.
Let's analyze the experiments on the deflection of moving particles and ions in a Wilson chamber placed in a magnetic field. Rutherford was the first, who carried out and analyzed these experiments. This was at the end of the 19th century.
I will translate the quote from the book "Guide to Science" of the great expert on Material Heritage of Humanity - Isaac Asimov.
"By practical consideration, Rutherford established that in a magnetic field alpha-particles are deflected considerably less than beta particles. Furthermore, they were deflected in opposite directions, and this meant that alpha-particles unlike negatively charged electrons carry a positive charge.
By the magnitude of the deviation it was calculated that the mass of alpha particle at least in 2 times exceeds the mass of hydrogen ion, which has a minimal positive charge. The magnitude of deviation a charged particle in a magnetic field depends as on its mass and on the charge. And if we accept that the positive charge of alpha particle is the same as that of hydrogen ion, it means that its mass is twice the mass of the same ion; If we assume that the charge of alpha particle is twice as high, then its mass must exceed 4 times the mass of hydrogen ion, etc. ".
So, by the way of comparing and collation was opened (revealed) the mass of electrons, alpha particles (which are the elements of helium) and hydrogen ions.
Ladies and gentlemen, be attentive please, it is very easy to get confused here.
The force of inertia, moving particles, ions, elements, may change in the case of one and the same object. But if we explore this object by its deviation in the electromagnetic field, we can easily make an error, accept it for an entirely different and give it another name. However, it will be all the same, just moving at a different speed. This happened, for example, in the case of rediscovery of the photon as the electron.
And one more quote from the book - Landsberg GS, Textbook of Elementary Physics, "Oscillations and waves. Optics. Atomic and nuclear physics", 1985:
" Consider the following experience.
A radioactive preparation 1 (eg, grain of radium) is placed into the box with the pumped out air  before the narrow slit in the lead septum 2. Let's set a photographic plate 3 on the other side of the slit. After developing we will see on it the black strip - shadow image of the slit. The lead septum consequently delay the radioactive rays; and they pass in the form of narrow beam through the slit.
Now let's place the box between the poles of a strong magnet and again set the photographic plate to the position 3.
Developing the plate we will find on it not the one, but three strips. And the middle of them corresponds to the rectilinear propagation of the beam from the preparation through the slit.
Thus, in a magnetic field the radioactive beam was divided into three components, two of them were deflected by the field in opposite directions, and the third did not experience the deviation.
The first two components represent the flows of oppositely charged particles. The positively charged particles were called α-particles or α-radiation. The negatively charged particles were called β-particles or β-radiation. The magnetic field deflects the α-particles incomparably weaker than β-particles. The neutral component, not experiencing the deviation in a magnetic field, was called γ-radiation."

Deflection of radioactive radiation by the magnetic field: a) beam trajectories in the magnetic field (the dotted circle - the projection of the poles of the magnet; b) field lines are directed from behind the plane of the drawing to us); c) a sheet of paper with the thickness O,1 mm fully absorbs α-radiation,  1 - radioactive preparation, 2 - lead shield, 3 - a photographic plate, 4 - a sheet of paper with the thickness O,1 mm
Let's consider the most interesting part of the experiment on the deflection of rays.
In the box with the pumped out air there is artificially created vacuum. There are no chemical elements.
"In its most basic form, a cloud chamber is a sealed environment containing a supersaturated vapor of water or alcohol. When a charged particle (for example, an alpha or beta particle) interacts with the mixture, the fluid is ionized. The resulting ions act as condensation nuclei, around which a mist will form (because the mixture is on the point of condensation). The high energies of alpha and beta particles mean that a trail is left, due to many ions being produced along the path of the charged particle. These tracks have distinctive shapes (for example, an alpha particle's track is broad and shows more evidence of deflection by collisions, while an electron's is thinner and straight)" (Wikipedia, "Cloud chamber").
As you can see, in both cases there is a rarefied atmosphere in the cavity of the box or the chamber. In the case of the box - this is full vacuum. And in the case of chamber - it's just gas, but it is also rarefied. It is very important.
In both cases we have electromagnetic field surrounding and permeating the cavity, where we explore the deflection of rays.
Electromagnetic field - is a region of space between two poles - positive (anode) and negative (cathode). The cathode - negative pole - is the area of the conductor (metal), where there is an excess of electrons (photons). Or an external source of electric current is brought to this area. Or just this part of the conductor consists of metal, metallic properties of which concedes to the metal of anode (positive pole).
The anode - positive pole - it is a portion of the conductor, where there is the deficit of electrons. Or electrons are specially removed out from this area. Or the metal of anode has a larger field of Attraction than the cathode.
As a result, between the anode and cathode arises an electric current. Electrons move from an excess to a deficit, or from a smaller to a larger gravitational field.

And in both cases - and in the box with the pumped out air and in the in Wilson chamber the electrons move through the scattered space from the cathode to the anode. That's what it is the electromagnetic field. Ie the rays spreading from a radioactive source on their way cross the flow of moving electrons. They feel pressure from their side - this  is repulsion by them. Repulsion - it's the influence of the negative pole. And also they feel attraction from the positive pole, where there is a stronger Field of Attraction than that of the cathode. And it is thanks to the sparseness of the space the moving objects can feel this Gravity Field. Sparseness occurs in a Wilson chamber, when the piston moves down (though not complete sparseness). If in the chamber was the normal air, then its elements by means of their Fields of Repulsion would shield the Fields of Attraction of anode elements. And the attraction of anode would not be felt. 
The electrons - β-rays - are deflected towards the anode, ie to the positive pole.
Elements of helium - α-rays - slightly are deflected toward the cathode.
And γ-photons behave neutrally.
Attention please, now we are going to expose one of the biggest myths of modern science - the approval according to which the positive charges are attracted to the negative, and the negative to the positive.
Nothing similar does not occur.  As we have said, the charge - this is the same as the mass. I.e. - quality. Or the Field of Attraction, or the Field of Repulsion, and herewith with the certain value.
The attraction is the attraction. It is one in the universe. The Field of Attraction attracts, the Field of Repulsion repels. And the Field of Repulsion can't attract. The negative charges can't attract positive.
It's obvious that the experiments with the particle deviation have another explanation than the one that exists.
It is considered that electrons - are the carries of the negative charge, and that's why they deviate (are attracted) to the anode - the positive pole of the magnetic field.
And α-rays - are the helium ions, the carries of the positive charge, because of which they deviate to the cathode - the negative pole.

Electrons emitted by the radioactive elements (they are also - photons of the upper levels of the Physical Plane), γ-photons, and also the helium elements - they all are moving by inertia - the Force of Inertia moves them.
This Force is different for them all. Every ray - this is a stream of objects. Among the objects there occurs the Ether redistribution because of what even the different by quality objects move in a stream with the same speed. Particles with the Fields of Attraction low down the particles Yang, and the particles with Fields of Repulsion push the particles Yin.

The Fields of Attraction of γ-photons are larger, and the Fields of Repulsion are smaller. And because, in order to these particles could fly out from the composition of the radioactive element and get the speed needed for the overcoming of the distance, the same that in the case of the photons of the optical range, these photons must have the bigger Force of Inertia. And they have it. The Force of Inertia of electrons are less. So the Force of Attraction of anode and the Force of Pressure of electrons departing from the cathode easier overcome the Inertial Force of the optical photons. Both of these forces - anode attraction  and the pressure of electrons from cathode - act on the objects of microcosm moving in the chamber or in the box. Besides this - even the attraction on the part of cathode conductor.  But it is less than attraction of anodeAnd besides this, along the same vector acts the Force of Pressure of electrons moving from the cathode. As a result, electrons with their little Force of Inertia are easily deviated to the anode  under the influence of its attraction and pressure on the part of electrons from cathode. This deviation is well noticeableBut the γ-photons with their big Force of Inertia react poorly to any of three acting Forces - and do not deviate.  
As for the helium elements, this is conglomerates of particles. These elements are characterized by a large percentage of particles Yang. All their periphery is filled with particles of this type. It means that the anode and cathode gravitation acts on them weakly. Electrons emitted from the cathode crash into the helium elements and beat out from their surface free photons accumulated there.
As a result,  the Field of Repulsion of helium elements on the side of collision decreases. And since the eleсtrons are moving from the cathode and the cathode itself has the Field of Attraction, hence gravitation of the helium to the cathode increases. THAT IS WHY THE HELIUM ELEMENTS SLIGHTLY DEVIATES TOWARDS THE CATHODE, I.E. TO THE NEGATIVE POLE. And representation of the helium elements as the positively charged - this is absolutely fictional fact. The helium elements are characterized by Repulsive Field - i.e. all is vice versa, they are negatively charged.
The same can be said with respect to protons and their deviation in the electromagnetic field.
In 1886 the German physicist Goldstein discovered protons - with the help of cathode tube with perforated cathode he discovered a new type of radiation, which penetrate through holes in the cathode in the direction opposite to the flow of cathode rays. He named them the channel rays. Since the canal rays propagated towards the flow of electrons from cathode with assigned negative charge, Thompson identified them as a positive radiation. By the magnitude of their deviation in the magnetic field it was found that the smallest of these particles have the same charge and mass as the hydrogen ion. These particles were identified as antipodes of electrons, and Rutherford named them protons (from the Greek. "πρῶτον"). The charges of protons and electrons were identified as equal in magnitude, but opposite in sign. At that proton was assigned the mass higher than the electron mass 1836 times.
So here, protons also deviate to the cathode. Proton - this is also the particles conglomerate, though smaller scale than chemical elements of helium. They also accumulate free particles on their surfaceAnd the knocking of these particles by electrons moving from the cathode and encountering the protons  leads to gain of Gravity Field of proton on the side of cathode. That is why protons deviate to the cathode.

So, as you can see it's completely wrong to speak only about the mass of electron, proton, γ-photons and any other object of microcosm. Among them there are as with mass and with antimass, as with Field of Attraction and with Field of Repulsion.
Moreover, it is impossible to assess the mass and antimass not taking into account the magnitude of the electromagnetic field characteristic and also the quality of the source of particles and elements (i.e. what chemical elements emit them). All these factors affect the degree of deviation and they necessarily must be taken into account.
But let's return to the beginning of our article from where we started.
Is really the mass of proton equal to the mass of the hydrogen ion?
Is really there in the chemical element of hydrogen only one proton?
Could it be, that in all known chemical elements the number of protons would correspond to their numbers in the periodic table? After allit is just a NUMBER!!!
We are convinced that scientists of the 19th century created the concept of the atom were wrong in the interpretation of the results of their experiments. The scientists error consists in that they did not know the true number of fundamental interactions, which there are only two - attraction and repulsion. If they built their concepts on the assumption of simultaneous effect of these two forces, probably they would correctly explain the meaning of occurring and build the correct model of the chemical element.
The scientists gave their model of atom the name - planetary. And represented it as a dense nucleus filled with protons and neutrons (this is the Sun) with flying around the nucleus electrons personifying the planets.
However, we believe that the true planetarity of chemical element consists in its accordance not the solar system, but exactly a planet - any celestial body. In the center - a dense nucleus consisting of heavy elementary particles (their conglomerates), as well as dense chemical elements are concentrated in the center of celestial body. We name this dense core - our planet. We are walking on it.  Such mini-planet is in the center of any chemical element. And around it - atmosphere consisting of the lighter conglomerates of particles - they correspond to the chemical elements gases, which form the atmosphere of planets. We can say that there are the heavier protons and there are the lighter. Precisely speaking, there are many varieties of nucleons forming the body of a chemical element. As well as exists a great number of varieties of chemical elements. The surface of the particles conglomerates accumulate free particles - photons - emitted by the sun or other luminous celestial bodies and falling onto the Earth or any other celestial body.
Light nucleons and accumulated photons shield a heavy, dense part of the chemical element as well as light chemical elements and the magnetosphere shield a dense and liquid part of the planet. Light nucleons as well as light chemical elements have a lot of Yang particles  (with Field of Repulsion). Among photons also dominate the particles Yang. Ether emitted by these particles also neutralizes the Field of Attraction of a dense part - as of the chemical element and of the planet. As a result, attraction manifestation of a chemical element or of a planet decreases. I.e. mass decreases - but not true, and manifested outward.

Why are we talking about this? And because any conglomerate of particles has the real mass and that which manifested outward. The chemical element can have in its composition many protons. But if they are covered with the lighter particles and also with free photons, so their mass (Field of Attraction) doesn't manifest outward in this manner, as if there were not these shielding particles. 
Therefore the mass of hydrogen element manifested outward can be almost the same as the mass of proton. Or exactly the sameBut in this case the hydrogen element is just shielded by light particles emitted Ether - i.e. it has the atmosphere. And proton actually has a less mass - real.

But since it is not shielded, its mass its mass is felt from the side  as the mass of the whole chemical element hydrogen. 

We should not to confuse the real mass with that, which is perceived from the side. Two objects can have the real mass (Field of Attraction). But because of the shielding by particles emitting the Ether one of them will be perceived from the side as having the same mass as and other object, which  really has the less mass.
That's the whole secret. That's why scientists erroneously identified erroneously proton as hydrogen. Actually in the nucleus of hydrogen there are a lot of these protons - more precisely, different types of nucleons. And the number of protons in different types of chemical elements does not correspond to the number of element in the periodic table.

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