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414. Esoteric Psychology - Volume I - 57. Some Tabulations on the Rays - THE VEGETABLE KINGDOM - A. BAILEY

Some Tabulations on the Rays


The second Ray of Love-Wisdom, working out in a vastly increased sensibility.

The fourth Ray of Harmony and Beauty, working out in the general harmonisation of this kingdom throughout the entire planet.

The sixth Ray of Devotion or (as it has been expressed symbolically in The Ancient Wisdom)the "urge to consecrate the life to the Sun, the giver of that life," or again, the "urge to turn the eye of the heart to the heart of the sun:

These work out in the second kingdom as magnetism, perfume, colour and growth towards the light.  These words I commend to you for your earnest study, for it is in this kingdom that one first sees clearly the glory which lies ahead of humanity.

a. Magnetic radiation.  The blending of the mineral and vegetable goals.

b. The perfume of perfection.

c. The glory of the human aura.  The radiant augoeides.

d. Aspiration which leads to final inspiration.

Conformation, or the power to "conform" to the pattern set in the heavens, and to produce below that which is found above.  This is done in this kingdom with greater pliability than in the mineral kingdom, where the process of condensation goes blindly forward.

Transformation, those hidden alchemical processes which enable the vegetable growths in this kingdom to draw their sustenance from the sun and soil and "transform" it into form and colour.

Magnetism. That inner source of beauty, loveliness, and attractive power which lures to it the higher forms to consume it for food, and the thinking entities to draw from it inspiration, comfort and satisfaction of a mental kind.
Trees and shrubs. The flowering plants.

The grasses and lesser green things which do not come under the other two categories.  A group of vegetable growths which are found under the general heading of "sea growths".
Objective Agency
Subjective Agency
Rajas or activity.

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