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a. As the realisation by the man on the physical plane within the physical brain of his divine nature, resulting in a consequent demonstration of divinity upon earth, prior to liberation.
b. As the conscious activity of the individual Ego on the mental plane in co-operation with its group or groups.
In the first case, we have the effect of the egoic life upon its sheaths, and their subsequent control, and in the second case we have the self-awakening of the egoic unit on its own plane; in the third case, we have a group realisation, or the entrance by the unit into the consciousness of the Heavenly Man.
It will not be possible to do more than indicate broad general lines of development.  The subject of egoic evolution cannot be fully comprehended until after initiation, but it is felt now by the Teachers on the inner side that the main principles had better be given out at once in view of the unexpected development (since the opening of this century) of two great sciences:
The Science of Electricity.  The investigations of scientists [809] have been greatly stimulated by the discovery of radium, which is an electrical phenomenon of a certain kind, and by the knowledge this discovery brought of the radioactive substances; the development of the many methods of utilising electricity has also greatly aided.  This science has brought man to the threshold of a discovery which will revolutionise world thought on these matters, and which will eventually solve a great part of the economic problem, thus leaving many more persons free for mental growth and work.  This expansion of knowledge can be looked for before one hundred and fifty years have transpired.
The Science of Psychology.  The psycho-analytic theories which (though indicative of progress) are yet tending in a wrong direction, may prove disastrous to the higher development of the race unless the true nature of the "psyche" is elucidated.  When the public mind has apprehended, even cursorily, the following briefly stated facts, the trend of popular education, the object of political science, and the goal of economic and social endeavour will take a new and better direction.  These facts might be summed up in the following postulates:
I. Man is in essence divine. This has ever been enunciated throughout the ages, but remains as yet a beautiful theory or belief, and not a proven scientific fact, nor is it universally held.
II. Man is in fact a fragment of the Universal Mind, or world soul, and as a fragment is thus partaker of the instincts and quality of that soul, as it manifests through the human family.  Therefore, unity is only possible upon the plane of mind.  This, if true, must lead to the tendency to develop within the physical brain a conscious realisation of group affiliations on the mental plane, a conscious recognition of group relationships, ideals and goal, and a conscious manifestation of that continuity of consciousness which is the object of evolution at this time.  It will further produce the transference of the race consciousness from the physical plane to the mental, and a consequent solving through "knowledge, love, and sacrifice" of all present problems.  This will bring about emancipation from the present physical plane disorder.  It must lead to the education of the public as to the nature of man, and the development of the powers latent within him—powers which will set him free from his present limitations, and which will produce in the human family a collective repudiation of the present conditions.  When men everywhere recognise themselves and each other, as divine self-conscious units, functioning primarily in the causal body but utilising the three lower vehicles only as a means of contact with the three lower planes, we will have government, politics, economics and the social order readjusted upon sound, sane and divine lines.
III. Man in his lower nature, and in his three vehicles, is an aggregate of lesser lives, dependent upon him for their group nature, for their type of activity, and collective response, and who— [811] through the energy or activity of the solar Lord—will themselves later be raised, and developed to the human stage.
When these three facts are understood, then and only then will we have a right and just comprehension of the nature of man.
Again, this realisation will bring about three changes in the thought of the age:
(1) A readjustment of the medical knowledge of man, resulting in a truer understanding of the physical body, of its treatment, and of its protection, and thus producing a juster apprehension of the laws of health.  The aim of the physician will then be to find out what it is in a man's life which is preventing egoic energy from flooding every part of his being; to find out what lines of thought are being indulged in which are causing that inertia of the will aspect which is so conducive to wrongdoing; to ascertain what it is in the emotional body which is affecting the nervous system, and thus obstructing the flow of energy from the love petals of the egoic lotus (via the astral permanent atom) to the astral body, and from thence to the nervous system; to discover what is the hindrance in the etheric body which is preventing the right flow of prana, or of solar vitality to every part of the body.
It is essential that in days to come medical men should realise that disease in the physical body is incidental to wrong internal conditions.  This is already being somewhat considered but the whole question will remain but a beautiful theory (even though an incontrovertible one in view of the achievements of mental scientists and of the various faith healers) until the true nature of the ego, its constitution, its powers, and its field of influence are duly apprehended.
This revelation will come when medical men accept this [812] teaching as a working hypothesis, and then begin to note, for instance, the powers of endurance shown by the great souls of the earth, and their capacity to work at high pressure, and to remain practically immune from disease until (at the close of a long life of usefulness) the Ego deliberately chooses to "die-out" of physical existence.  It will come when the medical profession concentrates upon preventative action, substituting sunshine, a vegetarian diet, and the application of the laws of magnetic vibration and vitality for the present regimen of drugs and surgical operations.  Then will come the time when finer and better human beings will manifest on earth.  When also physicians learn the nature of the etheric body, and the work of the spleen as a focal point for pranic emanations, then sound principles and methods will be introduced which will do away with such diseases as tuberculosis, debility, malnutrition and the diseases of the blood and of the kidneys.  When doctors comprehend the effect of the emotions upon the nervous system, they will turn their attention to the amelioration of environal conditions, and will study the effects of the emotional currents upon the fluids of the body, and primarily upon the great nerve centres, and the spinal column.  When the connection between the dense physical and the subtler bodies is a fact established in medical circles, then will the right treatment of lunacy, of obsessions, and of wrong mental conditions be better comprehended, and the results more successful; finally, when the nature of egoic force, or of energy is studied, and the function of the physical brain as the transmitter of egoic intent is better comprehended, then the coordination of man's entire being will be studied, and illness, debility and disease, will be traced to their just cause, and will be treated through the cause and not just through the effect.
(2) The entire social world of thought will apply itself to the understanding of the emotional nature of [813] humanity, to the group relationships involved, and to the interaction between individuals and other individuals, between groups and other groups.  These relationships will be interpreted wisely and broadly and a man will be taught his responsibility to the lesser lives which he ensouls.  This will produce a just direction of individual force, and its utilisation for the stabilisation, the development, and the refining of the substance of the different vehicles.  Men will also be taught their definite responsibility under law to their own individual families.  This will bring about the protection of the family unit, and its scientific development; it will cause the elimination of marital troubles, and the abolition of abuses of different kinds, so prevalent now in many family circles.
Responsibility to the community in which a man is placed will likewise be emphasised.  Men will be taught the true esoteric meaning of citizenship—a citizenship based upon egoic group relations, the law of rebirth, and the real meaning of the law of karma.  They will be taught national responsibility, and the place of the community within the nation, and of the nation within the comity of nations.  Men will finally be taught their responsibility to the animal kingdom.  This will be brought about in three ways:
1. Man's truer understanding of his own animal nature.
2. A comprehension of the laws of individualisation, and the effect of the influence of the fourth, or human, kingdom upon the third, or animal, kingdom.
3. The work of an Avatar of a lesser order Who will come in the beginning of the next century to reveal to man his relationship to the third kingdom.  His way is being prepared by the many who in these days are developing public interest through the [814] various societies for the benefit and protection of animals, and through the many stories to be found in books and current periodicals.
We are told by H. P. B. that the sense of responsibility is one of the first indications of egoic control, and as more and more of the human family come under egoic influence, conditions will be bettered slowly and steadily in every department of life.
(3) In the educational world an apprehension of man's true nature will bring about a fundamental change in the methods of teaching.  The emphasis will be laid upon teaching people the fact of the Ego on its own plane, the nature of the lunar bodies, and the methods of aligning the lower bodies so that the Ego can communicate direct with the physical brain, and thus control the lower nature and work out its purposes.  Men will be taught how, through concentration and meditation, they can ascertain knowledge for themselves, can develop the intuition, and thus draw upon the resources of the Ego.  Then will men be taught to think, to assume control of the mental body, and thus develop their latent powers.
In the above few remarks are indicated very briefly and inadequately the results which may be looked for from a true understanding of the essential nature of man.  It has been written in view of the necessity these days of a statement as to the real or inner man, and as to the laws of the kingdom of God.  That inner man has ever been known to be there, and the "kingdom within" has ever been proclaimed until H. P. B. came and gave out the same old truths from a new angle, giving an occult turn to mystic thought.  Now comes the opportunity for man to realise the laws of his own being, and in that realisation those who stand on the verge of intuitional apprehension of knowledge and those of scientific bent who are willing to accept these truths as a working [815] hypothesis to be utilised as a basis for experiment until proven false, will have the chance to solve the world problems from within.  Thus will the Christ principle be manifested upon earth, and thus will the Christ nature be demonstrated to be a fact in nature itself.
The value to the public thought of a true explanation of the evolution of the Ego, and its gradually developing power on earth is very great.  There are two ways in which man may view this matter, both of which provide food for meditation, and well merit serious consideration.  Both of them have been somewhat dealt with by thinkers of many schools of thought, and hence do not require any lengthy elucidation.  The problem may be regarded as one calling for the elevation of the inner consciousness of the human unit (functioning in the physical body) to the higher levels of the mental plane, and therefore involves a raising or expansion of his waking consciousness till it becomes aware of this higher life.  This is the way of mystical approach, and many instances of its successful accomplishment can be studied in the lives of the mystics of all ages.  By sheer devotion and strenuous application, and by a severe disciplining of the physical body, the mystic effects his entrance into the heart centre of his little system, and his life becomes irradiated by the beams of his own central sun—the egoic light divine.  The problem may again be regarded as one in which the effort of the man is concentrated in an attempt to bring down into the physical brain consciousness, and thus on to the physical plane, the life and power and energy of the inner centre, the Ego.  This involves necessarily a scientific apprehension of the laws of being, and a recognition of the dual nature of the Self.  It involves a devotion to the work of bringing about a domination of the lunar lords through the radiant control of the solar Lord.  This is the occult method.  It is the method of studying the constitution of those entities who form the [816] fourfold lower nature, the personality, and a close investigation of those divine Essences Who build the body of the Ego or higher self.  To this must be added a severe application of the laws of nature to the individual problem.
What is proposed in this Treatise is to follow the latter method, as the aim is to make clear the rationale of the process.
(bThe evolution of the petals.  The building of the causal body is the result of dual energy, that of the lower self with its reflex action upon the higher unit, and that of the natural energy of the self as it makes its direct impress upon the substance of the egoic lotus.  It should here be remembered that, subtle though the material may be, the egoic lotus is as truly substance of a particular vibration as is the physical body, only (owing to its rarity) physical plane man regards it practically as nonsubstantial.  It is in fact, as earlier pointed out, the result of the dual vibration of the fivefold Dhyanis or Gods in conjunction with the fourfold Quaternary, or the Pitris of the lower vehicles.  Through a conscious effort of the planetary Logoi, these Dhyanis and lower Pitris are brought into a close relationship.  This produces (upon the third subplane of the mental plane) a ninefold vibration or whorl in the gaseous matter of the plane—for this is the cosmic gaseous subplane—which, after a certain period of persistence, assumes the form of a nine-petalled lotus.  This lotus is folded over in bud shape upon the central point, or heart of the lotus—that spark of electric fire which by its action or innate vitality working upon the substance of the lotus, attracts to itself sufficient of that substance to form three inner petals, which closely shield the central spark; these are nevertheless of the same substance or essence as the nine other petals.  The student must be careful not to materialise his concept too much and it might therefore be wise for him to view this manifestation from other angles and employ other terms to express the same idea.  For instance, the body of the Ego may be viewed in the following four ways:

As nine vibrations, emanating from a central point, which, in its pulsation or radiations produces three major vibrations of great force pursuing a circular activity around the centre; the nine vibrations pursue a diagonal path until they reach the periphery of the egoic sphere of influence.  At this point they swing around, thus forming the well-known spheroidal form of the causal body.
As nine petals of a lotus, radiating from a common centre, and hiding within themselves three central petals, which conceal a central point of fire.  The radiations from the tip of each petal are those which cause the illusion of a spheroidal shape.
As nine spokes of a wheel, converging towards a central hub, which is in itself threefold, and which hides the central energy or dynamo of force—the generator of all the activity.
As nine types of energy which produce definite emanations from a threefold unit, again itself an outgoing from a central unit of force.
For all purposes, the second definition will be the one of the most use to us in our attempt to picture the constitution, nature, method of development and true evolution of the Ego, functioning in the causal body.
In terms of fire, the same truths may be expressed as follows, and this should be carefully pondered upon by the student of this Treatise:
1. Electric fire.........Spirit................Will aspect..........Jewel in the lotus.
2. Solar fire............Consciousness...Love aspect.......The nine petals.
3. Fire by friction....Substance.........Activity aspect....The three permanent atoms.
In electric fire, the Monad is represented in its threefold nature, and stands for that type of manifestation which will be brought to its highest stage of development in the next solar system.
In solar fire, these solar Pitris in their ninefold formation represent and make possible the unfolding of the consciousness of the Monad through the medium of the Ego in the three worlds of human evolution.
In fire by friction, the lunar Pitris are represented and constitute the lower self, the personality, or those vehicles by means of which the Ego in turn is to acquire experience on the lower planes.
Yet these three are one in manifestation within the egoic auric egg, and the interchange of energy and vitality proceeds steadily.  Spirit uses the Soul, or the Ego, as a vehicle of enlightenment, and the Ego uses the lower Quaternary as its medium of expression.  The evolution of Spirit can really therefore be divided into three stages:
First.  The stage in which the lunar Pitris function primarily, and prepare the lower sheaths for occupancy.  The lower vibrations control, and "fire by friction" is that which warms and nourishes to the practical exclusion of all else.
Second.  The stage in which the solar Pitris gradually become predominant, in which the egoic consciousness is developed.  The sheaths are occupied by the Thinker, are gradually controlled by him, are bent to his will and purpose, and are eventually discarded.  The middle vibrations control and solar fire irradiates; it lights up in due course of evolution the lower sheaths; it gradually increases its heat, and eventually aids in the destruction of the forms.
Third.  The stage in which electric fire is revealed, and through the intensity of its blaze puts out the other fires.  The lunar Pitris have fulfilled their work, the solar Pitris [820] have developed the self-conscious unit, man, and the monad (having utilised both) discards both, and withdraws into itself, this time plus the gain of material existence, and plus developed love-wisdom.
In terms of the old Commentary, the truth is thus stated:
"The Lord of Life Himself sits at the heart and watches.  The Lords of solar fire pursue their task and sacrifice themselves to the lunar Lords of all the lower planes.  They die, but resurrect.  They pass without, and come again.  Yet the Lord of Life sits still.
The lunar Lords begin to die; their power begins to wane with each successive cycle.  The solar Lords shine forth in triumph and consign the fourfold ones to fire,—the fire which burns and dissipates the form.
Many times the work repeats itself; the cycles wax and wane, until the day triumphant when the solar Lord acclaims himself and knows himself the ruler.
The Lord of Life then turns Himself, and arises in His might.  He consumes the solar Lords, and they perish as did the lunar Lords.  He speaks a Word; the fire descends.  The blaze bursts forth.  Gone is the lower fire through the flame of solar burning, gone is the middle fire through the intensity of fire from Heaven.
Naught remaineth save a threefold flame of violet, indigo and yellow.  THAT disappears.  Then darkness reigns.  Yet the Lord of Life persists, though invisible."
As we know, the egoic lotus consists of three circles,—each circle being composed of three petals, and all shielding the inner bud where hides the jewel.  It is with the evolution of these petals that we are concerned, with their formation, their vitalisation, their nurturing, and eventual unfoldment.  It will be useful for the student at this stage to remember that we are primarily dealing with the development of the second aspect in man, the love-wisdom aspect, and are only secondarily considering the third aspect, that of activity which finds its energising centres in the three permanent atoms.
These three circles of petals are called in the esoteric terminology:
1. The "outer knowledge" triad, or the lords of active wisdom.
2. The middle "love" triad, or the lords of active love.
3. The inner "sacrificial" triad, or the lords of active will.
The first is the summation of experience and developed consciousness; the second is the application of that knowledge in love and service, or the expression of the Self and the Not-Self in reciprocal vibration; and the third is the full expression of knowledge and love turned toward the conscious sacrifice of all to the furthering of the plans of the planetary Logos, and to the carrying out of His purposes in group work.  Each of these three groups of petals come under the definite guidance of three groups of Agnishvattas, who form them out of their own substance and who in essence are the threefold Ego during its manifestation.  Through them flows the force and coherent energy of those mysterious Entities whom (when considering the human family as a whole) we call—
a. The Buddhas or Lords of Activity.
b. The Buddhas or Lords of Compassionate Love.
c. Buddhas of Sacrifice, of Whom the Lord of the World is, to man, the best known exponent.
Through these three groups flows that threefold energy which, on the mental plane, finds its medium of expression in connection with the human kingdom, in the three groups of Agnishvattas or solar Pitris above referred to.  These groups form the substance of the three circles of petals, and each group has also a special influence upon the particular petal belonging to their especial scale of vibrations.  For the sake of clarity, we might tabulate the various petals so that the student may [822] get a clearer comprehension of the conformation of his own causal vehicle, and some idea of the various triangular relationships:
I. The outer "knowledge" triad:
a. Petal 1...Knowledge on the physical plane.
Colours:  Orange, green and violet.
b. Petal 2...Love on the physical plane.
Colours:  Orange, rose and blue.
c. Petal 3...Sacrifice on the physical plane.
Colours:  Orange, yellow and indigo.
These three petals are organised and vitalised in the Hall of Ignorance, but remain unopened and only begin to unfold as the second circle is organised.
II. The middle "love" triad:
a. Petal 1...Higher Knowledge applied through love on the physical and astral planes.
Colours:  Rose, and the original three.
b. Petal 2...Higher intelligent love on the physical and astral planes.
Colours:  Rose and the corresponding three.
c. Petal 3...Loving intelligent sacrifice on the physical and astral planes.
Colours:  Rose and the same three.
These three petals preserve the fundamental orange but add the colour rose in every petal, so that four colours are now seen.  These petals are organised and vitalised in the Hall of Learning, but remain unopened.  The outer tier of petals simultaneously unfolds till it is open entirely, revealing the second circle; the third remains shielded.
III. The inner "sacrificial" triad:
a. Petal 1...The Will to sacrifice through knowledge on the mental plane, and thus intelligently to dominate the entire threefold lower man.
Colours:  Yellow and the four colours, orange, green, violet and rose.

b. Petal 2...The will to sacrifice through love on the mental plane, and thus to serve.
Colours:  Yellow and the four colours, orange, violet, rose and blue.
c. Petal 3...The utter sacrifice of all forever.
Colours:  Yellow, orange, rose, blue and indigo.
In the mystery of these subsidiary colours and of the gradual shining forth within the lotus of five colours in any one petal at one time, is veiled the mystery of the five Kumaras. The student who seeks the significance of the preponderance of orange and of rose is approaching the secret of the two Kumaras Who fell.  More it is not possible to say, but the colours hold the esoteric key to this great occurrence.  This inner circle of petals is organised and vitalised in the Hall of Wisdom, and simultaneously the middle circle unfolds, so that two rows of petals are duly opened, and only the third remains to be unclosed.  This final opening is effected during the period of treading the stages of the Path of Initiation, and in this round it is hastened by the rites of initiation and by the strenuous and abnormal efforts of the man himself, aided by the electrical work of the Initiator, wielding the Rod of Power.
Though we have thus divided off the different stages of development, we have but dealt with the general average, gathering our facts from the records to which we have access and which are grouped in relation to this subject into the three groups, related to:
a. The Monads of power.
b. The Monads of love.
c. The Monads of activity.
The student must remember that according to these groupings, so will be the tendency of the petals to unfold.  For instance, in the case of the majority of men, being [825] Monads of Love, the love petals are more easily awakened, for love is the nature of the present manifestation and the line of love in some direction (low, high, or spiritual) is the line of least resistance for the many.  Yet the Monads of activity are numerous and influential and the first petal in each ring is for them the easiest to unfold.  For both groups the "knowledge" petal is the first opened, owing to the inherent nature of the Manasadevas themselves, and their basic vibration.  For all, sacrifice is the hardest, for it involves ever the two factors of intelligence and love,—intelligent knowledge and a love that goes out to that which must be saved through sacrifice.
In these three circles of petals lies concealed another clue to the mystery of the 777 incarnations.  The figures do not convey an exact number of years, but are figurative and symbolical; they are intended to convey the thought of three cycles of varying duration, based upon the septenary nature of the manifesting monad.
First.  The 700 incarnations.  These concern the unfoldment of the outer circle.  This is the longest period.  The initial vibration is slow and heavy, and millenia of lives have to elapse before the interchange of energy between the Ego and its reflection, the personal self (the lower threefold man) is such that the consciousness of the man occultly "awakens" in the Hall of Learning.  For advanced man at this time these incarnations took place upon the moon chain and in some cases upon certain planets connected with the inner round.  This is the circumstance which necessitated his "coming-in" during the Atlantean root-race.  Men of this type refused to incarnate earlier, as the bodies were too coarse; this was the cyclic reflection (on the lowest plane) of the refusal of the Monads to incarnate at the dawn of manvantaric opportunity.  No real "sin" was committed; it was their privilege to discriminate, and this refusal has its [826] bearing upon conditions upon Earth, being the basis of the great class distinctions which—in every land—have been so fruitful of trouble and the esoteric foundation of the "caste" system, so abused now in India.  The problem of labor and capital has its roots in the subjective distinction between "equipped and unequipped" Egos, between those units of the human family on earth who have passed out of the Hall of Ignorance, and those who are yet groping in its dark and gloomy corridors; between those Egos who are only "bud" Egos, and those who have organised the outer circle of petals, and whose petals are ready to open up.
The idea of a septenate of centuries must be carefully pondered upon, and as ever in all occult matters, the idea of triplicity must be also borne in mind with a synthesising period, which is a summation of the triple coordination:
3 periods of 3 tens...................  90 years.
1 synthesising period................  10 years.
                                               100 years.
     This seven times repeated...    7
                                               700 years.
Each cycle (again figurative cycles) leaves one of the petals more vitalised, and has a definite effect on each.
Second.  The 70 incarnations.  These concern the unfoldment of the middle circle.  Much may be learned from a consideration of the occult significance involved in the sending out of their followers by any initiate (such as the Christ) in groups of seventy, going two and two.  These seventy incarnations primarily effect the development of love in the personal life, the evolution of the astral nature, based on the recognition of the pairs of opposites, and their equilibrising in love and service.
This cycle covers the period passed by the man in the [827] Hall of Learning and has its correspondence in the Atlantean root-race and its conflict between the Lords of the Dark Face and the Brotherhood of Light.  Within the life of each individual, a similar conflict wages during this period, ending with the final kurukshetra or battle-ground which earns for the man the right to tread the Probationary Path, and eventually the privilege to stand before the Portal of Initiation.  Again the numerical significance of the numbers must be studied; this time they are hid in the number ten, or three cycles of three lesser periods, each making nine, and one synthesising period, leading up to the consummation of one period within the greater cycle; this is signified by the ten of relative perfection. The interplay between kamic impulse and manasic energy has produced a realisation within the consciousness of the Ego of that which he has learned within the two Halls; the outer circle of petals is unfolded, and the central ring is ready to open.
Third.  The 7 incarnations.  These are those passed upon the Probationary Path.  This is an interesting period in which certain things are effected which might be described in the following terms:
The two outer rings of petals are stimulated in a new and special sense through the conscious act of the probationary disciple.  Much of the work hitherto has been pursued under the ordinary laws of evolution and has been unconscious.  Now all that changes as the mental body becomes active, and two of the will petals are co-ordinated, and one "awakes" vitality and unfolds.
The fire or energy from these two rings begins to circulate along the atomic triangle and when this is the case it marks a very momentous epoch; a dual work has been consummated in the personal lower life and in the egoic:
a. The permanent atoms have the four lower spirillae fully active (two groups of two each) and the fifth is in process of arousement into equal activity.  The triangle is in circulatory action but has not yet achieved its full brightness nor its rotary or fourth dimensional revolution.
b. The two circles of petals are "awake," one being wide open and the other on the verge of opening.
Thus in the life of the probationer two aspects of the divine life are making themselves apparent, and though as yet much remains to be done, nevertheless when the inner circle of petals is awakened—through the instrumentality of the curious and abnormal process of initiation—the remaining aspect will be brought into similar prominence, and produce the perfected man in the three [829] worlds.  Thus is the work of the Solar Pitris consummated.
The fact of the abnormality of the process of initiation must here be emphasised.
Initiation is in the nature of a great experiment which our planetary Logos is making during this round.  In earlier and perhaps in later rounds the whole process will follow natural law.  In this round and on this chain, our planetary Logos on His high level is what is esoterically called "sitting for yoga," and is definitely undergoing certain processes of training in order to stimulate His centres.  This fact is being taken advantage of by the Hierarchy on Earth to produce certain results in the races under Their guidance.  The whole process is optional, and a man may—if he so choose—follow the normal process, and take aeons of time to effect what some are choosing to do in a briefer period, through a self-chosen forcing process.
At the termination of the 777 incarnations, a man passes through the door of initiation and enters upon a brief synthesising process, or a final period in which he garners the fruits of the experience in the two first halls, and transmutes knowledge into wisdom, transforms the shadow of things seen into the energy of that which is, and achieves the final liberation from all the lower forms which seek to hold him prisoner.  This period of initiation itself is divided into seven stages, but only five of these concern the evolution of the Ego, just as the five Kumaras concern primarily the evolution of Humanity in the system and on this planet.  Thus again we have the four exoteric Kumaras, of Whom two fell, and the three esoteric, of whom One gathers the life forces of the four exoteric, making with Them the five above mentioned.  The student must study this question from the point of view of energy or life force, considering it from the aspect of polarity and of the mystic marriage, from [830] the comprehension of the real meaning of the sex relation, of the meeting and merging of the pairs of opposites, and the work of the one who synthesises where every type of energy is concerned.  For instance:
a. The Ego synthesises or gathers in the life forces of the fourfold lower man.
b. The Mahachohan's Ray on Earth synthesises the life forces of the lower four.  This Ray is the third subray of our planetary Ray.
c. The third major Ray of the solar system blends the minor four.
d. The fifth Kumara blends and unites in Himself the work of the lower four.
The reflection of all this in the Microcosm can be studied by the man who understands how the physical body is the vehicle of all the principles.
By the time the third Initiation is taken, the inner circle of petals is opened and the full-blown lotus in all its beauty can be seen.  At the fourth Initiation the inner bud bursts open through the effect of the electrical force of the Rod, which brings in the power of the synthetic ray of the solar system itself; the inner jewel is thus revealed.  The work has been accomplished; the energy resident in the permanent atoms, has vitalised all the spirillae whilst the perfected force of the lotus, and the dynamic will of the central spark are brought into full and united activity.  This brings about a threefold display of vital force which causes the disintegration of the form and the following results:
a. The permanent atoms become radioactive, and their ring-pass-not is therefore no longer a barrier to the lesser units within; the electronic lives in their various groups escape, and return to the eternal reservoir.  They form substance of a very high [831] order, and will produce the forms of those existences who, in another cycle, will seek vehicles.
b. The petals are destroyed by the action of fire, and the multiplicity of deva lives which form them and give to them their coherence and quality are gathered back by the solar Pitris of the highest order into the Heart of the Sun; they will be directed outward again in another solar system.
The atomic substance will be used for another manvantara, but the solar Pitris will not again be called upon to sacrifice themselves until the next solar system when they will come in as planetary Rays, thus repeating upon monadic levels in the next system what they have done in this.  They will then be the planetary Logoi.
c. The central Life electric returns to its source, escaping out of prison and functioning as a centre of energy on planes of cosmic etheric energy.
We have endeavoured above to convey a general idea of the evolutionary process in connection with the Ego, and its progression under karmic and cyclic law.  If the student ponders upon these two laws it will become apparent to him that both might be summed up under the generic term of the Law of Rhythm.  All manifestation is the result of active energy producing certain results, and expenditure of energy in any one direction will necessitate an equal expenditure in an opposite.  This in terms of the Ego and its life experience brings about three stages:
First.  The stage wherein the energy manifested acts outwardly.  The Self becomes identified with its sheaths. This is the strictly personal stage.
Second.  The stage wherein adjustment under law is being sought, and the Self is neither entirely identified with its sheaths, nor identified entirely with Itself.  It is [832] learning to choose between the pairs of opposites.  This is the period of the fiercest strife and turmoil, and the battlefield wherein the adjustment has to be made; it is the laboratory period wherein enough transmutative force is generated by the disciple to carry him to the opposite extreme of the earlier stage,—that stage wherein the energy will manifest within and not without.
Third.  The stage wherein the energy of the Ego is centred at the heart of the circle, and not in the periphery, being applied from thence through the conscious effort of the Ego in group service.  The pull of the lower nature is superseded, and the attraction of that which is higher even than the Ego is felt.  The earlier process has then to be repeated on a higher turn of the spiral, and monadic energy begins to work upon the Ego as the egoic worked upon the personality.  The Monad, which has been identifying Itself with the Ego (its outer manifestation) begins again to seek its own true centre "within the Heart," and on the higher levels results affecting distribution and conservation of energy may again be seen.
It is necessary to emphasise this procedure because it is important that all occultists should learn to interpret and to think in terms of energy and of force, in contradistinction to the sheaths or instruments employed.   The mystic has recognised this "force" factor, but has only worked with the positive force aspect.  The occultist must recognise and work with three types of force, or energy, and therein lies the distinction between his work and that of the mystic.  He recognises:
1. Positive force....................Or that which energises.
2. Negative force..................Or that which is the recipient of energy; that which acts or assumes form under the impact of positive force.
3. Light, or harmonic force.....That which is produced by the union of these two.  The result is radiant energy, and is the result of the equilibrising of the two others.
These three aspects of energy have been called, as has been often said:
a. Electric fire.........positive energy.......Father.
b. Fire by friction....negative energy.......Mother.
c. Solar fire............radiant energy..........Sun or Son.
Each of these two last aspects demonstrates within itself in a dual manner, but the effect is a unified whole as regards the great Unity in which they are demonstrating.
The problem of the devas may be somewhat better understood if it is remembered that they in themselves embody the two types of energy.  For instance, the solar Pitris are the substance of the egoic bodies and groups, and the medium of expression for the Spirit aspect, for Spirit manifests by means of soul.  The lunar Pitris, who form the personal lower self, being the aggregate of the lower sheaths, are energised and used by the solar Lords.  These solar Angels again are in many groups and express within their own ranks a dual energy, both positive and negative.  There is the positive life of the egoic lotus which co-ordinates, preserves, and actuates the petals, and there is also the energy of the petal substance itself, or the negative aspect which is swept by the positive force of the greater solar Lords into living whorls or wheels which we symbolically call "petals."  There is a close analogy in connection with the planetary Logos, and the solar Logos between prana, the life force which animates the etheric body of man, and by means of that [834] force coheres the dense physical body, and that synthesising life force of the Logos which animates every atom on every plane of the system.  If this is meditated upon, and the fact of all our planes being the etheric and dense manifestation of the solar Logos is realised, then the place played by the solar Angels may become somewhat elucidated, and their relation to the planetary Logos and to the solar Logos may become also clearer.
We must not only study them in connection with ourselves and with our effort to identify ourselves with the solar Lords of the lunar Pitris, but must recognise also:
a. The solar Angels of a planetary scheme.
b. The solar Angels of the solar system.
c. The lunar lords of the scheme and system.

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