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279. Telepathy And The Etheric Vehicle - 05. SECTION ONE - TEACHING ON TELEPATHY - Part 5 - A. BAILEY


This sentence requires probably a quite serious readjustment in the thinking of most students. The concept of the Plan as Substance will assuredly be new to them, and new perhaps also to you. It is nevertheless a concept which they must endeavour to grasp. Let me phrase it somewhat differently: The Plan constitutes or is composed of the substance in which the Members of the Hierarchy consistently work. Let us take this important concept and break it up into its component parts for the sake of clarity. I am strongly emphasising these words because this concept is of an importance almost beyond human comprehension, and because its understanding may revise and re-vitalise your entire approach to the Plan, and you will therefore be enabled to work in a fresh and in an entirely new manner:
1. The Plan IS substance. It is essentially substantial energy. And energy is substance and nothing else.
2. The substance (which is the Plan) is dynamic in nature, and is therefore impregnated with the energy of WILL.
3. The Plan constitutes a reservoir of energised substance, held in solution by the WILL of Sanat Kumara andembodying His intangible purpose (intangible to us but not intangible to Him).
4. It is this planetary Substance upon which the "impressing agents" must draw—the Nirmanakayas, the Members of the Hierarchy and the working disciples of the world, plus all spiritual sensitives of a certain degree.
5. Recipients of the desired impression must become sensitive to this substantial energy.
This entire proposition can be referred back to the originating Thinker Who brought our manifested world into being, and Who sequentially and under the Law of Evolution is bringing to fruition the objective of His thinking. In the larger and wider sense, it is that sum total of the ocean of energies in which "we live and move and have our being." This is the sevenfold body of the planetary Logos.

The Impressing Agents of the Divine Will

We are not here, however, considering the larger Whole, but we are dealing with a specific and focussed area of the planetary consciousness. This is found midway between the highest plane whereon the Council Chamber of the Great Lord is found and the three planes which form the active arena for hierarchical work—the three levels of consciousness of the Spiritual Triad. This "focussed area" has been precipitated by the Agents of the divine Will; They know the ultimate purpose of Sanat Kumara and hold it steadfastly in view, making it available to those Masters of the Wisdom Who can act as the "impressing Agents of Sanat Kumara's Will." These are the Manu, the Christ, and the Mahachohan, the Lord of Civilisation.
It might be said here that the three Buddhas of Activity are the prime impressing Agents and that the three Great[120] Lords are the "impressed Recipients" at an exceedingly high level; this is the atmic level of awareness, which is the area energised by the divine Will.
When dealing with the fifth Point of Revelation [xi]*  I said that it concerned itself with the highest aspect of the Will—with that which produces the highest synthesis, the final synthesis. The planetary Purpose is the eventual synthesis of the initial thought of the planetary Logos, and to this thought we give always the unmeaning name of "GLORY"; this stands for all that we can conceive of the divine purpose; it is, for us, a "blaze of glory." The human mind is at this stage (in time and space) unable to register any aspect of the Purpose; all that we can do is to cooperate with the efforts of the Hierarchy to activate those things and events which will make the manifestation of the Purpose eventually possible. This purpose will constitute the ultimate revelation to the final root-race of men; it therefore lies a very long way ahead of our present point in evolution.
I will here make a statement which will probably convey nothing to the intelligence of the average disciple, but which may constitute a fruitful seed thought to the initiate who may read these words:
The Purpose of Sanat Kumara is created at present by the synthesis which the nature of the final seven Paths reveals. It is adapted in time and space to human intelligence by the presented Plan, and—in the glory of consummation—the completed Plan will reveal the Purpose on all the seven planes of evolution. Then evolution, as formulated and imposed by the Hierarchy, will end and a greater dynamic expansion will take its place.
You will note that all along the lines of teaching there comes an eventual merging and blending, and that, at a [121]certain point in the development of consciousness, the many lines of spiritual approach become the few lines of conscious spiritual awareness. So it is in relation to the detail of the evolutionary process, with the formulation of the hierarchical Plan, and with the recognition of the Purpose. Speaking practically (and that is always of major importance), it might be said that evolution controls the form of the Purpose; the Plan concerns the hierarchicalrecognition of the Purpose, whilst the Purpose is the synthetic Thought which pours into the supernal consciousness of the Lord of the World along the seven Paths of which the Masters become aware at a certain very high initiation.
The seven great energies flow into our manifested world along the lines of the seven Paths; these are not the direct energies of the seven Rays, because these concern consciousness in a most specific manner; they are the substantial energies of material expression and their origin concerns a great mystery. These two lines of energy—material energy and the energy of consciousness—when brought together by divine Purpose, constitute the essential dualism of our manifested life.
All that we are able to recognise of that Purpose is the hierarchical Plan, and this only disciples and advanced aspirants can judge and recognise. This Plan is based upon knowledge of divine guidance in the Past, the recognition of progress out of that Past into the Present, plus the effort to become sensitive to the right emergence of that Plan (embodying ever an aspect of the Purpose) in the immediate Future. The Purpose is related to the Past, the Present and the Future; the Agents of the Plan are impressed from Shamballa, via the Nirmanakayas; the process is then repeated, and advanced humanity become the recipients, the sensitive recipients, of the Plan as transmitted to them by the impressing Agents, the Masters, working through the [122] New Group of World Servers. This group is the lower correspondence of the Nirmanakayas, the recipients of impression from Shamballa. See you, therefore, the beauty and the synthesis, the inter-dependence and the cooperative interplay which is demonstrated right through the chain of Hierarchy from the very highest Agent to the very lowest recipient of divine impression.
The key to all this is energy. Energy is substance, and this substance is qualified by divine dynamic WILL. There is much to be learnt anent the Will. Will as dynamic energy is not yet understood in its true sense by human beings. Mankind usually recognises will as fixed determination; this is in reality their individual effort to impress substance (personal or environing) with their own self-will or with their well-intended effort to conform to what they believe to be the will of God, speaking symbolically. But men know nothing yet of the process of working with dynamic energised substance, for it basically impresses them and uses them as they become aware of the Plan and thus come under the influence of the Spiritual Triad. They are used and not using that which is available for the furtherance of the Plan—the dynamic energy of the divine Will. This dynamic Will cannot become available nor can disciples truly work with the Plan until the antahkarana is to some measure adequately constructed, though not yet perfected.
It becomes of service, therefore, for the aspirant and the disciple to know the nature of the Agents Who can locate their magnetic aura and impress upon it Their understanding of the Plan; these Agents may be accepted disciples or initiates and Masters; then the aspirant or disciple must find those to whom he can personally act as an impressing agent. He has consequently to study himself as a recipient and also as an agent, as a responsive factor and also as an [123] originating and impressing factor. This might be regarded as the scientific approach to the spiritual life, and it is of value because the necessity of service is implicit in the necessity for receptivity; all is, therefore, related to Invocation and Evocation.
It is in our next basic theme, the nature of the etheric body, that we shall find again the higher relationships and the interdependence of many allied factors. This interdependence emerges acutely the higher one progresses into the scheme of correspondences. Eventually, a point of fusion is reached.


The subject of the etheric body of all forms and of the etheric body of the planetary Logos is necessarily of major importance in any consideration of the Supreme Science of Contact. It is this concept of sensitive contact which I seek to emphasise as we study the three points or the three basic concepts outlined in the preceding section. All such terms as planes, groups, creative Hierarchies, and centres are simply word modes of inferring relationship, interplay and mutual impression between the beings or the lives who make up the sum total of our manifested universe; they are nevertheless signs of our leading up to a planetary synthesis or a planetary integrity of a nature hitherto not even visioned by man.
The subject is necessarily one of immense difficulty, for all human beings think in terms of their own contacts and relationships, which are strictly limited and are not expressed in terms of the One Life, flowing through all forms and all kingdoms, or through all the diverse planetary evolutions (of which you know nothing) and thus creating in time and space a living intelligent planetary Entity of systemic maturity, qualified by immense attractive and integrating energies, motivated by a supreme Purpose—a Purpose which is part of the vast purpose of the solar Logos, working through the planetary Logoi, and therefore responsible for the well-being and progressive evolution of all lives and groups of lives within the framework and the essential structure of our planet.
The relation evoked is, as you can well imagine, inter-planetary and extra-planetary; these terms mean little to [125]the average disciple and he has to wait until the initiatory process puts him in a position where he can frankly evaluate the situation. Of the latter stages, we can know nothing; only in the Council Chamber of Shamballa are these extra-planetary contacts and relationships recognisable. But one basic fact must be grasped, and that is that the medium of relationship and of contact is SUBSTANCE; and the effect of these relationships, carried on through this medium, is the gradual development and progressive unfoldment of the three divine Aspects which all esotericists recognise, and of others which the coming millennia will reveal. The contributing factor, therefore, within and upon our planet is what we might regard as the three major centres of the planetary Logos:
1. The Head Centre, the dynamic Agent of the extra-planetary Purpose, the expression of the divine planetary Will as focussed in Shamballa. This is the energy of Synthesis, the source of all planetary life; it connotes essential Being.
2. The Heart Centre, the Agent of the Plan of evolution. This is the expression of divine Love or pure Reason, the Hierarchy. It is essentially the energy of Attraction, the kingdom of souls.
3. The Throat Centre, the Agent of all the three Aspects in relation to the three subhuman kingdoms in nature, the expression also of the divine Intelligence, Humanity. This is the energy of active Mind and makes humanity the macrocosm of the microcosm, the three subhuman kingdoms. Humanity is to these kingdoms what the Hierarchy is to the fourth kingdom in nature, the human kingdom.
These are the elements of the occult science and—for students such as you—contain nothing new. Nevertheless, they [126] need to be seen in their triple relationship if the mode of working of the One Life is to be grasped more clearly than is now the case. The aim of the entire evolutionary scheme is to bring these three Centres into such a close relationship that the synthesis of the divine Purpose can work out harmoniously on every possible (note that phrase) level of consciousness. If this can take place, then the basic Thought, the fundamental Proposition of the planetary Logos can eventually be disclosed to man.
May I remind you of the occult statement that every living being or manifested life—from the planetary Logos down to the tiniest atom—either has been, is, or will be a man. This has reference to the past, to the present and to the future of every manifested life. Therefore, the fact of humanity and of that for which humanity stands is probably the primary and major aspect of the divine purpose. Pause and think about this statement. It is, therefore, the first clear fact which indicates the measure and the magnitude of a human being; and until two other facts are sequentially revealed to us, it will not be possible correctly to gauge the wider aspects of the purpose of Sanat Kumara. Everything subhuman is slowly moving towards a definite human experience; it is also passing through the phase of human effort and consequent experience, or else it has moved out of that phase of limitation and—through initiation—is drafting human nature into a state of divinity (to use a most inadequate phrase).

Humanity’s Key Role

The keynote, therefore, of the Lord of the World is HUMANITY for it is the basis, the goal and the essential inner structure of all being. Humanity itself is the key to all evolutionary processes and to all correct understanding of the divine Plan, expressing in time and space the divine Purpose. Why HE chose that this should be so, we know not; but it is a point to be accepted and remembered in all study of [127] the Science of Impression because it is the factor that makes relationship and contact possible and it is also the source of all understanding. These are most difficult things to express and to enlarge upon, my brothers, and only the penetrating intuition can make these matters clearer to your avid and active intelligence.
You will note, therefore, that though we call one of the major centres HUMANITY, yet—in the last analysis—all the centres are constituted of lives progressing towards the human stage, of those units of life who are at the human stage, and those who have left that stage far behind but who are endowed with all the faculties and all the knowledges wrought out into human expression in earlier planetary schemes or solar systems, or through our own definite and characteristic planetary life.
Because of this uniformity of experience, the art of contact and the science of impression become entirely possible and normally effective. The great and omnipotent Lives in Shamballa can impress the omniscient Lives and lesser lives in the Hierarchy because They share a common humanity; the hierarchical Workers or Masters and Initiates can consequently impress humanity because of shared experience and understanding; then the lives that compose the human family present the goal to the subhuman kingdoms and can, and do, impress them because of basic instinctual tendencies which are expressed in the human group but which are latent instinctual tendencies and potential assets in the three subhuman groups.
This teaching has always been implicit in the esoteric doctrines but has not been sufficiently emphasised, owing to the point in evolution of mankind. Today, mankind has made such progress that these points can be made effectively. I would call to your attention that this was the keynote of the Gospel story: the human-divine nature of the Christ, [128] relating Him to the Father through His essential divinity, and also to man through His essential humanity. The Christian Church gave a wrong slant to the teaching by making Christ appear as unique, though the higher criticism (deemed so shocking fifty years ago) has done much to correct this false impression.
The outstanding characteristic of humanity is intelligent sensitivity to impression. Ponder on this definite and emphatic statement. The work of science is, after all, simply the development of the knowledge of substance and of form; this knowledge will make it possible for humanity eventually to act as the major impressing agent in relation to the three subhuman kingdoms in nature; that is humanity's primary responsibility. This work of relationship is practically the work of developing or the mode of unfoldment of human sensitivity. I refer here to sensitivity to impression from or by the Hierarchy.
The work done through the processes of initiation is intended to fit disciples and initiates to receive impression from Shamballa; the initiate is essentially a blend of scientific and religious training; he has been re-oriented to certain phases of divine existence which are not yet recognised by the average human being. I am endeavouring to make clear to you the basic synthesis underlying all manifested life upon our planet, and also the close interplay or relationship which forever exists and expresses itself through the supreme science of contact or of impression.
The three great Centres are in close relationship at all times, even if this is not yet recognised by the intelligent disciple; an unbroken series of impressions is ever present, relating one centre to another and bringing about an evolutionary unity of objective, and developing (with exceeding rapidity at this time) a secondary science, that of Invocation [129] and Evocation. This science is in reality the science of impression in activity and not simply in theory.
The first great Invocation was uttered by the planetary Logos when He expressed the desire to manifest and thus invoked and brought to Himself the substance needed for His designed expression. That started the chain of being or of hierarchy; inter-relation was then set up between all "substantial" units; the more potent and the more dynamic and greater could then impress the lesser and the weaker until gradually—as the aeons swept by—the seven Centres were created and were in close impressionable relationship. Of these seven we are at this time considering only three; the others we know very little about, for they are largely composed of units of the deva evolutions (and I would ask you to note the plurality there) and of subhuman lives, working under impression from the head, the heart and the throat centres of the planetary Logos.
Students are apt to make their thinking unduly complicated when they seek to itemise and define, to separate into academic groups and brackets the multiplicity of energies with which they feel confronted when considering the planetary and the human centres. I would advise you that you think simply and (certainly, at first) in terms of the three major energies as they emanate from some centre, become impressing agents, and then are again transmitted or stepped down:
1. The dynamic electrical energy of Life itself or divine potency, of embodied Purpose, expressing through evolutionary manifestation the divine Will. It might be well to realise that purpose emanates from the cosmic mental plane and is the all-inclusive, synthetic, motivating principle which expresses itself as the divine will upon the cosmic physical plane—the seven planes of our planetary Life. This dynamic energy focuses itself through the Lives or Beings [130]Who control and dominate Shamballa. Until the divine purpose has been achieved, the planetary Logos holds all in manifestation through the potency of His Will, and animates all forms with electric fire. Knowledge of this Will and Purpose comes to the student who is constructing the antahkarana and who is, therefore, coming under the control of the Spiritual Triad, the threefold expression of the Monad.
2. The attractive magnetic solar energy to which we give the quite unsuitable name of Love. It is this energy which constitutes the cohering, unifying force which holds the manifested universe or planetary form together and is responsible for all relationships; it is this energy which is the soul of all things or of all forms, beginning with the anima mundi and reaching its highest point of expression in the human soul which is the constituent factor in the fifth kingdom in nature, the Kingdom of God or of Souls. An understanding of this human potency comes as a man makes contact with his own soul and sets up a stable relationship with that soul; then he becomes a soul-infused personality. As you well know, the threefold personality is to the soul what the Spiritual Triad is to the Monad: a clear medium of expression. Most students are or should be today occupied with this attractive energy, for until they have mastered the desire nature and have transmuted it into aspiration and soul control, they cannot hope to comprehend the dynamic energy of electric fire. This attractive magnetism is the energy dominating and controlling the Hierarchy.
3. The intelligent activity of fire by friction. Students would be well advised to re-read A Treatise on Cosmic Fire where I deal at length with these three conditioning energies. This third energy is the basic energy expressing itself in the three worlds and in the four kingdoms in nature, climaxing its expression in the creative energy of the human kingdom. [131] This energy emanated originally (as far as our solar system and our planetary scheme are concerned) in the first solar system and is the best proven and the best known energy in manifestation. It is the medium for activity in all forms through which the planetary Logos expresses Himself; it is the result of the activity of the divine Mind, as that peculiar type of divine energy plays upon and through all atoms and upon all atomic forms. The fission of the nucleus of the atom in the past few years is the outer sign or demonstration that humanity has "encompassed" the divine Mind and can now move on to "encompass" the love or the attractive nature of divinity. Ponder upon this statement. I know not what word to use but encompass and it is entirely inadequate. A new and deeper esoteric terminology is badly needed.
If you will work with and reflect upon these three fundamental energies and search for their expression within yourself, you will greatly simplify your occult thinking. Let me here make a few more statements which you have perforce to accept hypothetically, but which can nevertheless be substantiated by you if you arrive at an understanding of the Law of Analogy or of Correspondences, and if you will also accept the truism that the microcosm reflects the macrocosm and, therefore, each human being is related to Deity through essential similarity.

Seven Statements Depicting the Pattern of the Present Planetary Work

Statement One.
Dynamic electric energy entered into our planetary sphere from extra-planetary sources and from a point of definite focus upon the cosmic mental plane; this energy was paralleled by a secondary energy from the sun Sirius, thus accounting for the dualism of manifestation.
Statement Two.
This energy expanded outward from its central focus (the centre called Shamballa) and in this expansion became[132] the agency which impressed the Plan upon the serving Hierarchy. The Plan is that measure of possibility of immediate importance which the divine Purpose can present at any given moment in time and space.
Statement Three.
This process of expansion set up another focal point of energy, and the heart centre of the planet, the Hierarchy came into being; thus two centres were created and en rapport, which constitutes a major event upon the involutionary arc; to this, little attention has hitherto been paid. It coincided with" the advent or the arrival of the Lords of Flame from the alter ego of our Earth, the planet Venus. They created the nucleus of the Hierarchy which—in that far, very distant time—consisted of only forty-nine members; these were advanced human beings and not souls awaiting incarnation in human form on Earth, as was the case with the vast majority of these visiting Solar Angels.
Statement Four.
Alignment between the head centre and the heart centre upon the involutionary arc was thus set up; another expansion took place which resulted, as you know well, in the creation of a new kingdom in nature, the fourth or human kingdom. This kingdom was destined to become and is today the third major centre in the planetary life. Then another alignment, but one which is still contained upon the involutionary arc, took place.
Statement Five.
Today, an evolutionary alignment is taking place. The planetary centre which we call Humanity is active and vibrant, and it is now possible to "progress along the Upward Way and create the line which links the lesser with the higher, permitting thus an interplay." Men are rapidly moving out of the human centre into [133] the hierarchical centre; the mass of men are responding to spiritual impression.
Statement Six.
At the same time, the heart centre of the planetary Logos, the Hierarchy, whilst it is being responsive to the invocation of the throat centre, Humanity, is becoming increasingly evocative and is itself attaining a much higher contact and alignment with the head centre of the planetary Logos; it is, therefore, capable of receiving a constantly developing dynamic impression from Shamballa.
Statement Seven.
Thus a great alignment is being achieved through the relationship and the interplay going on between these three major planetary centres; this produces a constant inflow of energies from several different sources, and these energies galvanise these three centres into a new and increased activity. Invocation is arising all the time between these centres and producing a consequent evocation of impressing energies.
In these seven statements, you have depicted a PATTERN of the present planetary work or the present logoic thesis. An involutionary alignment (the guarantee of future successful alignments) constitutes most ancient history; an evolutionary alignment in which all three centres are involved is constantly producing an interplay of energies as well as a constantly successful impression of one centre upon another. Humanity, as the throat centre of the planetary Logos and the prime planetary creative agency (which modern science demonstrates), invokes the heart centre, the Hierarchy, and then receives the needed impression which will result in the developing civilisations and cultures as well as the eventual appearance on Earth of the fifth or spiritual [134] kingdom.The Hierarchy or the planetary heart centre invokes Shamballa, the planetary head centre, and the Plan—as an expression of the Purpose—is impressed upon the hierarchical consciousness. If there is redundancy in these various comments of mine, it is entirely intentional; repetition serves the purposes of accurate presentation where esotericism is concerned.
As the invocative system spreads and a greater alignment is attained, Shamballa—the planetary head centre—invokes energies outside the planetary life and the inflow of cosmic and solar energies will be very much greater; for this the esotericists of the world must be prepared. It will also produce the advent or appearance of many AVATARS, bringing with Them many and very different kinds of energies to those which hitherto have controlled human affairs and the events and evolution of the other, the subhuman kingdoms in nature. With the reappearance of the Christ as the focal point or the supreme Agent of the planetary heart centre, a new era or "divine epoch" will be instituted. The Avatar of Synthesis will draw very close to humanity and He will inaugurate the "reign of Avatars" Who will be embodied Purpose and spiritual Will; They will initiate both the Hierarchy and Humanity into phases of the divine character of which, at present, nothing is known and for which we have no terminology that could convey the exact facts and nature. All that I am attempting to do here is to give you a general outline of events which may lie centuries ahead but which will inevitably occur—once the Christ is again in physical Presence and recognition on Earth.
H.P.B. speaks in The Secret Doctrine of the "three periodical vehicles," referring as he does so to the Monad, the Soul and the Personality; he is dealing, therefore, with the nine aspects of divinity which connote the nine major initiations and those divine characteristics through which [135] the three major aspects of divinity reflect themselves. In this connection, it is well known to students that the Monad expresses itself through the Spiritual Triad, the Soul through the three aspects of the Egoic Lotus, and the Personality through the three mechanical vehicles. It will be obvious to you surely that these three periodical vehicles are under the influence or impression of the three major planetary centres and are, therefore, finally conditioned by the three major energies to which I referred earlier in this section. I do not feel it to be necessary to enlarge upon this basic relation; it is that which integrates the human soul into the vast general whole and makes the individual an intrinsic part of the sum total.

The Centres and the Ray Energies

There is one aspect of the Science of Impression upon which I have not yet touched and that is the place of the centres as focal points, as transmitters or as agencies for the seven ray energies. It is known to esotericists that each of the seven centres comes under the influence or is the recipient of some ray energy, and there is a general acceptance of the fact that the head centre is the agent of the first Ray of Will or Power, the heart centre is the custodian of second Ray energy of Love-Wisdom, whilst the third Ray of active creative Intelligence passes through and energises the throat centre. These Rays of Aspect do find expression through the three centres above the diaphragm, and—on the larger scale—through Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity. It is, however, equally true that Shamballa is primarily second ray as it is expressed, because that is the ray of the present solar system of which Shamballa is a part; and that the first ray, or its dynamic life aspect, is focused in the heart, for the heart is the centre of life. The great centre which we call Humanity is predominantly governed by the third Ray of Active Intelligence. This ray energy arrives at the throat centre via the head and the heart centres. I [136] am pointing this out for two reasons which must form part of your thinking as you study this science :
1. All the centres come under the influence of all the rays, and this must surely be obvious in relation to average and undeveloped human beings. Were this not so, such human beings would he unable to respond to first ray, second ray and third ray energy, for the centres above the diaphragm are, in their case, inactive.
2. In time and space and during the evolutionary process, it is not possible to say which centre is expressing the energy of any particular ray, for there is a constant movement and activity. The centre at the base of the spine is frequently the expression of first ray energies. This is apt to be confusing. The human mind seeks to make everything precise, stable, to bracket certain relations or to assign certain centres to certain ray energies. This cannot be done.
At the end of the world cycle, when divine purpose is fulfilled and the evolutionary process has brought about the changes and adjustments needed for the full expression of the Will of Sanat Kumara, then the situation will be different and men will know (as the Members of the Hierarchy know) which centres express the seven ray energies. It must be remembered also that the Rays of Attribute shift and change constantly; for instance, humanity as the planetary throat centre is under the constant influence of the seventh ray, as is the solar plexus centre of the planet. To that sub-diaphragmatic centre I give no name. Though the human throat centre is primarily expressing the third ray, there is an interesting situation to be noted in this connection: two ray energies control this centre at this time.
The throat centre of the average integrated personality is governed by the third ray and is strongly energised by third ray energies (again seven in number), whilst the throat centre of the spiritual aspirant, of disciples and initiates below the third initiation is responding primarily to seventh ray influence, and this is peculiarly the case now as the seventh ray is in incarnation. The rays which are manifesting at any particular time affect powerfully all the other centres as well as the one through which they are normally expressing. This is a point oft forgotten.
It is needless for me to point out that—as man progresses upon the Path of Return—he consistently comes under the impression of the centre of which he is an integral part: that is, first of all, the planetary throat centre, the human family; then, as a soul, he comes under the impression of the Hierarchy, the planetary heart centre, and at that point he begins to express the combined energies of the intelligence and of love; finally, on the Path of Initiation, he comes under the impression of Shamballa, the planetary head centre, and becomes a participant in the divine Purpose and an Agent of the divine Plan.

Separateness: the Great Illusion

It is therefore literally and eternally true that the same energetic Life pours through the planetary centres, into and through the three periodical vehicles of the incarnated Monad, and finally into and through the three centres in the human etheric body which correspond to the three major centres of the planetary Logos. There is, therefore, nowhere to be found any basis for separation or any possible point of separation or of essential division. Any sense of separateness is due simply to ignorance and to the fact that certain energies are as yet unable to make adequate impression upon the human consciousness, functioning in time and space. The essential synthesis exists and the end is sure and [138] inevitable; unity is attainable because unity exists and the sense of separateness is simply the Great Illusion.
It was in order to hasten the dispelling of this great illusion of separateness in the minds of men, and to bring about the emergence of the basic existing unity, that the new world prayer was given to men and its use on a world-wide scale inaugurated. Elsewhere [xii]* I have told you of the origin and the impulsing of the Great Invocation. Here I am simply placing it before you as a fitting conclusion to this portion of my labour of love in the presentation of truth, and as a possible starting point in yours.
From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.
From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.
From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men—
The Purpose which the Masters know and serve.
From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out.
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.
Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

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